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February 23, 2005



Well, it's a start.

Jaime Russell

Andy you are a mean mean person! I am a retard and I take offense to you thinking that retarded people are all retarded!


You "promied" your parents?


alternatively, try telling the telemarketer you don't have a telephone. be insistent, and debate vigorously any suggestion to the contrary.


I just use my handy 7 Second Delay CD that finally arrived today to drive the telemarketers crazy.


Of course Andy can't spell- leave him alone!


Ignore the second post.

Catfish Rivers

Sometimes if you try to sell them something of your own, that works well also. So, with every sentence the telemarketer utters, you respond with a pitch for some item/service of your own.

Shug T

Is that Al Gore...

Beth Landau

I love you honey! Molly and I want you to stay away from that Monica Bitch.



that's an interesting new word.

monk 28 sub 4c

Insisnt on getting their name. Do they have a family? Where do they live, and other Monk questions.


andy, you are the only thing that gets me trough hump day.




who's andy breckman?


what's a "telemarker"?


I hope it works on business clients too.


Once I got a call from some place promoting their resort. I was interested but caught off guard when they said the offer was only for couples. I ended up telling them I was actually planning on proposing to my girlfriend within the week. They took my number and said they'd call back in the next few weeks to see how things went. I figured I was off the list. To my surprise, they called back. I couldnt find someone to go with so I told them
things didn't work out what with my being jewish and my alomost bride to be's family being devout catholics and that the whole thing was actually pretty messy and thank you for calling back but i am unabnle to attend at this time.


Damn. A telemarketer just called and all my new-found knowledge flew out the window.

Juan Thomas

But Andy, can you get a female telemarketer to fall in love with you?


Oh, such a clever boy, that Andy. Never figured him as criminally insane.


You are a bad man, Mr. Breckman. A very bad man.

Zoms Frenchman

My fave is asking for their call center #, hanging up, and calling back as a persistent telemarketer for a rival company. They get sooo upset!


Andy should start blogging regularly.


This must be Andy's strategy for 7sd when not wanting to sit on air for an hour, at least it seems like it some times.

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