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February 14, 2005


Chris T.

I nominate "Jesus in Silhouette" as all-time surreal Grammy moment.

In case you missed it, it came during Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" performance. At the end, a big white sheet descended from the rafters and was lit up from behind. Jesus appears, kneels and opens his arms to welcome Kanye, who falls into Our Saviour's loving embrace. I couldn't help but think of...

Woman: You try to raise your kids as secular humanists, but these showbiz types keep shoving religion down our throats!
Boy: Mommy, why wasn't I baptized?
Woman: You see? YOU SEE???!!!

(From The Simpsons episode "Homer & Ned's Hail Mary Pass")

One other observation: who's the genius that decided to pack the auditorium with screaming kids, the kind who NEVER SHUT UP?! Is this MTV awards show spill-over? Because it's all Viacom, right? I just can't stand that you can no longer hear the performance for all of the hoopin' and hollerin'.

Bitch, bitch, bitch...


I missed the Grammys? I depend on WFMU (and not just broadcasts--I regularly check the blog and the message board and the homepage) for my music news. And not a word about the grammys. Not one. So I missed it.



However, I did manage to catch Kelly Clarkson as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. She sings way better than J-Lo.

Pseu Braun

Pseu is corrected by Monica Lynch via videophone, who was live backstage at the grammys:
"Actually, the duly titled Ray Charles album Genius Loves Company, is a marketing partnership between Starbucks and the Norman-Lear-owned Concord Jazz label. FYI, Brian Wilson is really tall. REALLY TALL! But not as tall as T-Bone Burnette. But much taller than that Green Day guy. In fact, you could stack three Billy Joe's high and not be as tall as John Mayer."
We look forward to a full Height Report from Monica soon!!

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