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February 17, 2005


Foreign Internet Listener C

I saw "Mask" in Berlin a few years back, and I actually found it to be funny rather than scary -- deliberately funny, I mean. At any rate, it *is* breath-taking.

Jake Kool

woah that cola advert is so kool...but it definitely didnt make me want to drink it...


SF Examiner from 2/17/5

"The first thing that made me go hmmm happened last weekend. People are waxing rhapsodic about the latest Christo installment in Central Park. I am sure you have seen the photos by now, rows and paths of orange gates scattered throughout the park in artful arrangements. Now, I was one of those idiots in the 1970s who got up at the crack of dawn to hop in a car and travel north to see the Running Fence. And I thought it was pretty cool, an artificial abstraction placed on the real world. Sort of a map coming to life. And wrapping the Reichstag was equally sharp on Christo's part, suggesting uncomfortable connections between power, governments and concealments.

But I felt as though I had seen the gates before. After pulling a couple of books down from my bookshelf, I found it. They are torii gates, a unique type of donation to various Japanese shrines, with the most famous being the Inari shrine in Kyoto. Looks just the same, but no one is bringing it up ... hmmm."

check out a photo of what he's talkin' about

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