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March 19, 2005


Zach in Philly

I'll have to download these when I get off work. Notwithstanding (and I don't mean for this to sound as daft as it will, but):
a) "Where" are numbers 21, 32-35?
b) If there's an implied sequence -- as evidenced by Paul Sharits "(unnumbered)" being positioned at 29 -- which films are missing?
c) Were there originally 41 (or 42) films?


Thanks for this - Ubuweb is a fantastic resource.

Ed Word

Damn you sure do know of a lot of great sites to get some fine stuff.


Regarding the sequence: yeah, in the Fluxus sprit, that's what it is. There are two Shartis films, both called number 29. Go figure. Gotta love that logic.

Ed Word

Logic... thats for the weak of mind and spirt.

Zach in Philly

kewl -- thanks for the dope, yer Zillaness! The logic is digable -- just wondered if some films had become lost or destroyed (as in burning or shredding a film as it's viewed only once) or some such thing.

zach in brooklyn

thanks kenny! This fantastic!!! By the way, listeners interested in archived film footage online should also check out www.archive.org.


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