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March 20, 2005


Ed Word

"There's only one of these on the planet," said Scharpling at one point during the show, trying to drum up donations. "And if you can't get behind it, shame on you, shame on you, shame on you. I hope you get hit by a car." OK, he got a little carried away. But he didn't really mean it. And what's free-form radio without a little theatrical exaggeration?

great stuff.

Brian Turner

Uh, I think the writer confused Outkast with Hank Kingsley though. Great article nonetheless.


Yo la tengo was fantastic, and Tom Scharpling deserves credit for getting them in. I like all the tuneful music Tom plays but I just don't get all the other stuff that goes on. I wish that he would just do a music show.

Joe Meek

AND I wish people who admit that they don't "get" Tom's comedy/radio pranks would not post on blogs& boards how they WISH Tom's show was all music... sheeesh

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