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March 07, 2005



Nice little magic trick (even though it relied on camera complicity).

If you hate Sun Ra, you hate Jupiter. Why do you hate Jupiter?


Leon Lighips

I love Sun Ra. That was the most disturbing piece of video I have seen since Hasselhof's "Hooked on a Feeling."


oh my. the spastic mutations of unchecked anger never fail to befuddle.

Faust Gertz

I recently pledged and might even have pledged more if Mike "The Overseer" Lupica hadn't documented his(?) grisly destruction of Sun Ra's The Solar Myth Approach, Vol. 1 and proclaimed an unexplained hatred. While saddened by the loss of the LP, I will endure and continue to broadcast messages of intergalactic peace and love on Sun Ra Radio, which can be heard (almost) every Saturday from 3:00--4:00pm (CST) on KWLC 1240AM. Some of those tracks will be resurrected this weekend and lovingly dedicated to you Mr. Lupica.

chet bizzaro

what the fuck man?

Pete Nice

That was stupid as hell and worthy of a karmic boomerang.

ejhq;; ee

b you seriously need 2 check in2 a mental hospital or something bro. seriously.


I. Don't. Under. Stand. What. Happened.

Norm Loman

You know what? I love sun ra, and though this man's reactions upset me a little, I will refrain from acting like a stupid fanboy. The video is actually quite funny for the first second, but I don't think it's worth the download. 10 mb is way too much HD space for a short avi like this, which offers but a single, semi lame joke.

Rev. Bryan Sale

Nice slight of hand - breaking some anonymous white label record - giving the illusion of REALLY destroying a Sun Ra disc. No one would do that. The bad karmic implications would be unimaginable. Of course, if you really hate Sun Ra and want to rid yourselves of all those annoying rare collectable albums, just give me a call. I’ll help you out.

Sun Ra is the void

Only In Jersey. Get help!

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