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March 07, 2005


Hollywood Harry


I am a very well know TV/Movie Reviewer who would like to remain unnamed for this posting, but I felt the need to step in here and say a few things about Sammy Petrillo and his son, Shawn Patrello.

First of all, I'd like to remind all of you that this is a place to voice your opinions, good or bad about comiedian Sammy Petrillo...NOT DISH OUT YOUR PERSONAL FEELINGS ABOUT THE PERSON Sammy Petrillo. Shawn, I suggest that you either do this in a phone call or personal meeting with Mr. Petrillo, but NOT IN THIS FORUM.

Here we are talking about the career of the entertainer.

Speaking of careers...

Sammy's partial credits including one of my all time favorite films, "Boys From Brooklyn" can be found naturally at www.imdb.com

For those that do not know, Sammy began his career as a 16 year old comic, who by 17, had already been doing comedy routines with Martin & Lewis, Eddie Cantor & Milton Berle and starred in a major motion picture with Bela Lugosi.

Let's check out the career of Shawn Patrello...


By visiting You Tube and putting his name in the search we can see that Shawn...at 46 years old...has just done his first stand up comedy rountine...good luck!

But wait there's...ummmmm...uhhhh...more...

Let's visit shawn's MySpace at www.myspace.com/patrello and check out all of his friends....hello?....oh, wait, there's Tom! Not to mention the profile picture of Shawn as a clown...oh yes, he's a clown, no credits, but a clown.

Let's check out Shawn's background a bit further...at himprov.com/bios.html#0 and here we can see Shawn's comedy improv group that profits off Jesus Christ by combining HIS name with improv...ummmmm....cool?

Or maybe you'd like to visit Shawn's own website at www.patrello.com and view his self indulgent "history" as a clown, Puppeteer & Church stage performer...huh?

Long story short, Sammy Petrillo was and is a comedian's comiedian, who rubbed shoulders and shared stages with the greatest comics of all time on both TV, Stage & Movies...

Shawn Patrello is a bitter legend in his own mind.

Let's keep it moving here and praise the great comedian, Sammy Petrillo, who made his fellow great comiedians laugh like no other could!

Hollywood Harry

Shawn Patrello

Dear Hollywood Harry, whoever you may be...
You may very well be a very fine entertainment critic. I could never dispute that, especially when you choose to remain anonymous. But... you are not a very thorough journalist for sure. You have chosen to check out a very old MySpace account that I started (a very long time ago) but never continued. I felt MySpace was not quite for me. I currently have an account on Facebook. Please see my friends there. I have many, but I am sure it would not be enough to compare with Sammy's MySapce or Facebook accounts. Do you know where those are located?

Of course my website is self indulgent, it's about me. I put it up about a year ago. It hasn't really done much for me, but I put it up to see if it would help me in pursuing work. I did my first stand up only recently because I have spent the last 22 years as an improv comedian, mainly with my group, Kidprov (see:www.Kidprov.com). We use comedy to teach creative problem solving to kids throughout Texas. And my group, Himprov doesn't really profit of the name of Jesus. 99% of what we do is free to the public. Every once in a while we do a corporate show or an audience will take up an offering to help us out. Our comedy is just regular improv comedy, but we keep it clean for families. I recently have been taking up ventriloquism. Just because it's fun.

My whole life has been one of pursuing comedy. Truth is, it very well could be genetic. Nobody can deny that Sammy was a very funny man. My own mother told me countless times how very talented and funny he truly was. I didn't really get to see that much of him to know personally. I remember a great deal about him. But so much of it is not good. It's okay if I am not beleived by you or some readers here. If you did believe me, it would not lessen the pain.

I spotted this forum a while back and decided to write some things (truths that I know to be true). I wondered if it might get Sammy to participate and it did! What followed was unexpected for me. I did not expect the man that was (or is) my father to react with such disdain. I think a part of me was seven years old again and thought maybe, just maybe, he might finally say, "I'm sorry and I regret what happened." I, nor my brothers can recall ever hearing these words. We are all full grown men and it still hurts.

If the mark of success is to say that a long time ago you rubbed shoulders with some of the show biz greats, then perhaps Sammy is successful. If success includes what a man does as a father or a husband, then maybe he has fallen far short of success.

I am certainly not a legend in my own mind. I know that any talent that I have comes from God. Everybody's talent comes from there. Sammy's too. I have lived my life trying to make people laugh because I love the feeling of being laughed at and the joy of watching others laugh. Plain and simple. Please take a closer look at what I do with my talents. I work with children (sick and well). I perform for families. I give my best any time I am on a stage.

I am not eve close to perfect and I know it all too well. I have not claimed once on this forum to be something great. But I am above all... a loving father. A failing, stumbling, goofy, loving father. I may not rub shoulders with celebrities in your opinion (though I actually have), but I will always be what Sammy chose not to be... a Dad.

I am glad that you like the few films that Sammy was a part of. I personally thought he did a fantastic job in Boys from Brooklyn. But, let's face it... they are not well known classics to anyone. At least not any more. His films are obscure and have been relegated to the status of "cult classic." I guess this may be something good. I guess. I would have liked to have seen greater things from Sammy. He paid a high price in losing his children. But usually, a price paid in a given area leads to a reward somewhere else. Where is Sammy's reward? If he can say he truly gained happiness, then I stand corrected. I don't believe the is the case.

I should be entitled to my opinions. I aired them in a clearly hostile environment, so it should be clear that it was not done for any satisfying reason. The whole experience has been quite heart wrenching. Depressing. Demoralizing.

So... Hollywood Harry. I hope you feel that you have accomplished what you set out to accomplish in your post here. If you have a good and proud feeling inside, I am happy for you. Please give my regards to Sammy as I feel the two of you may be closer than most would suspect.

- Shawn Patrello

Why is it the "Big Sammy Fan" hyperlink to a site that's selling copies of "KEYHOLES ARE FOR PEEPING?" where's the big Sammy fan's name? Let's straighten out some things here. First of all, it's AMAZING that a movie over fiftie years old still becomes a topic of conversation. Secondly, when people get older, are they all relics? Don't tell that to Jay Leno and David Letteran (they're still big stars, you know) Did older people in general, or older talented people do something wrong by getting older-or perhaps they should be forgiven for pursuing their craft-taking any opportunity they can to get exposure. I made some of those clunkers because in my teens and early twenties I got to help write, produce, direct and appear in some of them. An education;exposure. I did everthing from being a student at Performing Arts High School to doing a two man traveling revue with the Ledgendary "Stepn,fetchit" to being Richard Pryor's mentor, and featuring hiim in my nightclub revue. Maybe I should have turned down the voice over gig and not do it at Paramount studios for Huminoids From the Dep which featured two big stars and a big name female director. In my teens Duke and me had a contract to appear in Las Vegas 3 times a year. I played the Copacabana, the Paramount, and was the house emcee at the Boulavard in Queens on the bill with the biggest stars of the day. And in between I starved. It literally was feast or famine. for every "Big Sammy Fan", there's a fan like Star-writter-producer Christopher Guest, Jamie Lee Curtis' husband who, recently in a national newspaper set forth that if he was stranded on a desert island and could choose 5 movies to take with him, Brooklyn Gorilla was one of them. Feels good; partcularly because I gave up performing years ago. I stopped when most comics weren't being paid anymore;they were being used by club owners who made all the money. Nowadays many of the clubs demand that the poor comics looking for exposure bring in a certain amount of people with them to watch the show-and the comics work for free. They have to PAY to perform! I met comics that told me they've been waiting ten or fifteen years for a break! What we have in common is having been exploited here and there; But most of all, we have STARVED for our craft. I subsequently produced about 5 interview radio shows, some tv shows, some infomercials and spent much time entertaining on the military bases in America, Europe and Asia. I am not too hurt by criticism of my performance, but very hurt and resentful when I am personally attacked and can never really get truths out. However, I am tired of being put on the defensive and struggling to "clear" myself, so when it comes to anything personal, I wish to put forth a continuing "No Comment."

Shawn Patrello

My guess is that Big Sammy Fan and Hollywood Harry are from the same show business fairy tale. Both weaving tales that are meant to be entertaining (at least). Both written to educate any willing reader of the text. Both with mysterious undertones of truth that are either accepted or denied by potential believers.

An impressive post written above. A man that has accomplished that much in his life should be proud. However, no doubt there are other achievements to speak of. For surely no man's life is filtered through one passion only. Perhaps, Mr. Petrillo, you will take some time at your convenience to expound upon those adventures that fall outside of the camera's frame or far from the bright lights of the stage. Maybe you could begin by telling this audience of your many victories in the world of law; of your legal pursuits. Perhaps you could take more time to recount some fond childhood memories. And... should time permit, you might even enlighten the visitors of this forum as to your future aspirations. What lies ahead for you? What are the dreams that remain?

This site should be banned for creating insomniacs! I think the INTERNET is a very exciting place to enter. I have learned much there-even things about myself and my career I never knew. Many sites say Jerry Lewis sued Duke and me. He NEVER DID. One alert critic said Duke and me were a British comedy team. One critic said Jerry Lewis wishes me dead-Jerry never said that. Flash! Jerry Lewis was the first TV star to exhibit me as his double on the Colgate Cmedy hour. I used to not be crazy about him personally although I will always consider him (as most people will)one of the greatest comics in history. In time I began to realize that his work in raising MILLIONS of dollars to help disabled children is a great contribution to the human race. I know that in time people will not even know the big names of today-including Tom Cruise or Bradd Pitt, etc. I personally am in AWE of one-time big stars. I thrill when I have my picture taken with them at autograph shows, though I am one of the signers. Most of my fans at these shows or when I visit comedy clubs are young people. My greatest chance was to work with my greatest and longest term partner, Suzie Fiore as the team of SUZIE and SAMMY we were the headliners at the NUTHOUSE club in Pittsburgh PA. when we teamed up. She was a great and versatile comic-actress. During those times I was assured that Shawn and his brothers were making $100,000 a year each in the flower shop in Texas their mother had sucessfully founded and operated. When Shawn came to NY in 2006, we were teated by royalty at Joe Franklin's comedy club where several comics came over and indicated their excitement that I was there. When I was introduced as being in the audience, I stood up to the applause and introduced Shawn to the audience, giving some of his credits and he stood too. After the show, we all posed for pictures and Shawn is smiling as though he is very pleased. Shawn and I hugged when I saw him and when he left. Several days later my godchildren and me came to see his performance when he graduated from clown school. We told him how much we enjoyed his performance, and then we all met at a restaraunt in the village shortly thereafter, and he was in a rush to get to the airport to go home. I gave him my cell number, and he gave me his, and he promised to call my mother. After numerous calls to him, Shawn finally picked up on in which I told him I was planning to re-shoot the ending to the Brooklyn Gorilla, and told him to consider, and ask any of the talented grandchildren if they would consider being in it. I want to use some of the big stars of yesteryear in it, and thought it might be a break for Shawn and them-It. He never called back. The foregoing is why I was shocked that my next experience in regard to Shawn was what he put on this site, and I was floored. To any other personal information, I repeat-No Comment.

Shawn Patrello

Sammy... your memory has proven to be selective. Understandable. I recall my last words to you about your Brooklyn Gorilla remake being, "give me a call back when things are solid." You never called back. Which is okay because I didn't expect you to. And when I first received your call about a business proposition, I was skeptical at best. No disrespect, but I could not imagine what business proposition you could have made might have held interest for me. After speaking with you on the phone about your idea, I remained in the same state. I'm glad you are proud of that movie. You did a really good job, but it was long time ago. A very long time ago. I did not (and still do not) think that a remake of Brooklyn Gorilla is a good idea. I did not want to hurt you by telling you so.

I called you back because I thought I would take a chance at talking to you about something else other than show business of any kind. I tried. It was impossible. Any time I asked how you were doing (personally), it went right back to show business. Or your mother. Even in the post above where I had asked you to talk about something outside of show business, you seem unable to do so. I really made an attempt to talk to you, but it was futile. I chose to not call back again. Look... I know you were in show business. I know you loved those glory days. My mother has told me many good things about those days. You have been all to quick to slam her here, but she has said many good things about you over the years, especially related to your talent.

Most of the negative feelings I hold for you are a direct result of the personal memories I have have of you. I'm not brain washed. I remember you. Clearly. There is much pain there. However, I do remember one really fun thing you did right before you left. You took mecuricome and painted skeletons on my brothers and me. And then you told us this made up story and made fart sounds under your arm pits. I remember my brothers and I laughing so hard. For better or worse, we had a Dad... and you took that away.

It's interesting because my mother watches us with our children and comments on how amazingly strong the love is. She watches us hug them, play with them, fawn over them. And she tells us that it's exactly how you used to be with us. She says you were crazy about us. Over the years, it has become harder and harder to believe; not because of anything bad that she tells us, but because of what you chose to do. You chose. My brothers were young and all but Kurt have very distinct memories of you, you mother, of your Dad. I wish I could say the memories were good. They are not. And if there were some good memories then self preservation has washed most of them away. You can't leave your children in this life and not expect collateral damage. It's just not possible.

By the way... you do me no harm by not addressing me directly on this forum. In fact, I prefer it. It's safer this way. Less panful. Almost as if I were listening in on some tragic story in which I had no part, but somehow still find sadly intriguing.



ALL of your views are from the memory of a 7 year old...


Give your DAD a call.

Kirby Allan

Sammy! Thank you for the nice email. True friends are few and when any of us are blessed by having one they will never be alone. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Sammy,If you or any of your friends get this please respond to me at; UniversalArtists@aol.com This could be an urgent matter for him.

Sammy, your concern about which doctor you want to do surgery on you is very understandable.

I quote the following;

Research was made by a government body into accidental deaths and have concluded that when we go to a doctor we are (9,000) times more apt to be killed by an accident from a doctor than by a gun, unquote.

There are many good doctors in America, but most don't know who and where to find them.

One I am very familuar with is, in my state, in Phoenix, Arizona. He was head of the heart institute and was fired from that position and sued by other doctors for broken ethics.

Note; (The other doctors were jealous of him because he took on serious cases that other doctors had given up on.) This doctor countered by challenging the charges in court.

His case was not only thrown out of court, but he was awarded a one million dollar judgement against his accusers.

After the verdict and winning his job back he gave the million back to the group. He won the case by stating; "One life is worth more to me than all the ethic's in the world."

He is still head of the heart institute today. His name is Doctor Ted Dietrich.

He quietly takes his own crew of doctors and nurses along with him and will not allow any other doctor or nurse or any other person get near them.

I first met Doctor Dietrich when visiting a hospitalized sick friend. Dr. Ted Dietrich, who had just saved my friends life with proper surgery,and had taken over my friend's case that was turned down by other doctors, came to into my friend,s room informing he would soon be able to go home.

Suddenly we all heard the voices of the other patient's doctor and nurse pounding on their patients chest saying; "Breath Deep" incessently.

Doctor Dietrich jerked the curtain open shouting and seeing the patients face turn blue, shouted; "Breathe deep my ass" and gave the other doctors patient a shot to make him breathe.

Broken ethic's? Yes, but he saved a man's life.

That's why I called on him to take my Mother's case where her anuerism was about to explode at any time and others had given her up because of her age. She was 91.

The first thing he said to my Mother and me when I informedd him what the doctors said was; "I disagree"
This kind of doctor is what every doctor should be; "A human being first."

Sammy, if you can find a doctor like Dr. Dietrich in your area, you need not worry about accidents. If you have the time I would like very much for you to keep me informed. Your friend, Kirby Allan

Kirby ExoticaAAllan

Rocky Kalish was the best comedy writer of all time until he was black balled by Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. I got to know him when I searched for Hollywood a good comedy writer for one to write a comedy skit for a test on a planned possible new team mate for Sammy Petrillo since Sammy had broken up with his old partner. His name was "Bill Norman." Rocky wrote the skit for me and although nothing came of the new proposed team, Rocky confided in me about him being black balled from show business. The cause was as he had watched Dean and Jerry using their manager, a little Jewish guy, as a punching bag repeadly until his arms and shoulders had become black and blue from their punches. Rocky told of himself waiting for one of them to start punching him and when it happened it was Jerry Lewis who took the first jab at Rocky and Rocky, lost control not being able to contain himself, knocked Jerry through a wall. Rocky's career began when he was hired to write comedy for the old Abbott and Costello comedy team and he became their steady writer. He wrote almost every joke for them as he had done for Dean and Jerry. Even though Rocky was a big guy, 6'3, he had always been very mild mannered and non violent and respectful to all around him but after seeing Dean and Jerry's manager, a little Jewish guy, being so badly abused repeatedly over time by these two spoiled rotten team mates he said he had to do what he had to do when he knocked Jerry through a wall. I still have that 35mm film Rocky wrote on the test to see how well Sammy Petrillo and Bill Norman would blend together. I had the habit of saving many treasured momento's over the 16 years of my stay in Hollywood that ended in 1961. That payed off in 1999, a half century, since I walked away from a budding career as a record producer and the creation of "Chaino" and moving to my home state of Arizona with my new dear wife and to raise our 4 very small children in a healthier inviroment. An Arizona newspaper reporter, also an avid record collector, Dan Nowicki knew of another collector who knew a Hollywood record producer who had been one of "Chaino's" fans over the years had been searching for me for years since much interest had developed in Exotica music to redistibute Chaino's music. Because I had kept all the master tapes on Chaino as momento's Chaino is now a star status Recording artist who finaly hit it big as he now rides the top of the crest in Exotica music of which he always richly deserved. He was a half century ahead if his time. For a complete history of Chaino's recordings as well as our factual story see web site; ExoticaAndBeyond.com Respectfully Submitted, Kirby Allan

Kirby Allan

Correction; the above is corrected to be from Kirby Allan. I don't know how that Exotica got in the name.

Kirby Allan

Another piece of off beat commedy Sammy Petrillo used to amuse his friends when in Hollywood;

"Tarzan, swinging on vines from the trees landing on the ground directly in front of a pigmy canabal, he beat on his chest and belted out his famous jungle cry.

The pigmy canabal looked him up and down slowly several times and said; "Sheit---man you ain't sheit--Mothuh fuckuh!"

Kirby Allan

Sammy where are you???? I saw your interview and want to discuss it with you.

Kirby Allan

Sammy Sammy where are you? I just bought six copies of your flick; The "Brooklyn Garilla" from the dollar store. Need some copies? Email me at; ExoticaAndBeyond@aol.com Your Friend, Kirby Allan

P S My third Chaino CD is out in both CD and LP formats.


Sammy was G R E A T !!!! I wish that he and Duke had made 20 movies! It was very cool how they played off Martin & Lewis. I bet that dean martin liked that (but not Jerry)! Well, you know Jerry.
Sammy did Jerry better than anyone and you coulds tell that he didn't take himself seriously. He was having a good time with it.

Kirby Allan

See: "Facebook" and check friends of Kirby Allan

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