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March 15, 2005


Chris J

I think you should jettison "Aerial View" in favor of, perhaps, something more descriptive of the new medium/technology -- say, "Pod People," for an off-the-top-of-my-head f'rinstance.

Rob S.

I think that the name Aerial View should be retired to the WFMU Hall of Fame (Infamy?). It seems that whatever you'll be up to will inevitably be a new format and therefore should have a new name. If you are worried about the name recognition, just use Chris T. in the title, you're WFMU famous, man!


How about "Invasion of the Poddy Snatchers" for a podcast title?

lefty von righty

Aerial View should be retired for the time being - perhaps more of a sabbatical than a retirement.

Perhaps the podcast could be named Ariel View in homage to the Little Mermaid. Or Pod the Bod.


Why not just call it "Chris T.'s Poddy Mouth"?
Aerial View should be retired, maybe dipped in gold and put on a mantlepiece.


I'll miss the "Oh my God! gurl. And the vitriol. Bon voyage Chris T!

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