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March 23, 2005



Ah, "the downfall of heavy music" -- this is not something that I can hold forth on. But, Diane, you played "Solitary Confinement" by the Weirdos (?) last week during the marathon and I was transported. It must've been years since I've heard it.

Krys O.

Ahem, he's got two hands. Are both of them tattooed? What if "Satan" urges him to wear gloves?


I suggest that everyone go listen to "+cry+," the massively cruddy song this guy has posted at his site. His badly-named site. http://headtochrist.com

Oddly, the ID3 tags prominently include the word "PUBLICIST." I wonder if this is all some sort of a ploy - there's a LOT of money in shitty Christian music.

Zach in Philly

Right on as usual, Krys. Actually, "real" men wear gloves, anyway, cuz their hands are too calloused and rough for such a tender job.

Dave in New Orleans

you know, that might help with nose-picking too.


#1 His music sucks
#2 The first line in his journal is "Hey ya'll jesus psychos out their [sic]." Wtf?
#3 Leviticus 19:28: "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks upon you: I am the LORD."



i must say though that i object to your claim that heavy music has suffered a downfall... if anything, after The Dillinger Escape Plan's album Miss Machine its future is in VERY good hands.

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