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April 16, 2005


frank lloyd

personally ill take falling water over this garbage anyday. i kicked this pompus prick out for a reason!

from the dead
your pal


Excellent post!

Go, visit the House on the Rock, IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND....the place has grown a bit more "touristy" since Alex Jordan's death, and Jordan's massive collections of bizarre shit seem to reveal a bit of P.T. Barnum in his makeup, however, the house itself and many of the surrounding buildings are beautiful, natural and unconventional creations of the highest order. As I understand it, the House was created without blueprints, with Jordan "making it up as he went along". Overall, and in spite of the creeping glitz, the place is evidence of a creative, inspired mind in action. Certain rooms come close to inspiring hallucinogenic states without the aid of chemical enhancement....
Also, for a good time, google "Jim Pendleton's Barn House, Bowling Green, Indiana". Click on "Field Review by the Team at roadsideamerica.com" for a couple of photos that don't do justice to the place.....

Yes, I concur, FUCK YOU FRANK, you overblown utopian fascist!


Wait a sec, you can't tell me from those pictures that you dont see a HUGE frank wright influence in his work. I sure do... i mean he is brilliant and showed his teacher he belonged in that school but at the same time... SOME of his work is totally influenced by fank wright. So im not sure fuck you is really all that fitting "frank"ly. Wright built a house over water and he built a house over a rock... its like, .... let me copy you but ill do you better than you... so again... im not sure what the point of this thread is really, without wright im not sure what jordan's work would look like. A house that blends in with landscape, that whole concept was wrights. Furthermore, the photo of the main room in that picture so rips or wright its not even funny. Personally I prefer Frank Ghery, but thats a whole nother matter. (comes to mind the pavement song "grave.... architecture" )


I have some field recording Mp3s of the mechanical music at House on the Rock on my blog. In all its beautiful out of tune ramshackle glory.



Having been there as a child, the most notable part is you've been walking through this place for hours, and then there's a sign that says "You're now 1/3 of the way through." Something like that.

todd d.

Hi from Madison, Wisc. Alex Jordan is a fascinating character - even more so when you dig beneath the official local tourist lore. He built the House on the Rock as a personal Bali Hai/ Space Age bachelor pad/ Shangri-La. He brought underage girls from Spring Green to party and parlayed money made from patents on inventions into hanging out with movie stars and politicians, blackmailing them with compromising photographs, using that money to become a slumlord in Madison to make money to buy tons and tons of weird crap (a suit of armor for an elephant, a carousel horseman of the apocalypse with a bouquet of heads on the saddle, the world's largest collection of angel wings, etc.).

Don't miss the scenic overlook under the House on the Rock that sits across the valley from eternity needle thing. Coolest smoke spot in south central Wisconsin. THE best thing about the House though is seeing the tourists go from enthused in the first half hour, to confused midway through the seemingly endless maze of bizarre crap, to totally annoyed by the end of the four hours it takes to go through the menagerie. Everyone leaves pissed off.


One thing I've always heard about a lot of the famous artists that broke the mold is that they don't like having underlings that have the potential to show said famous artist up. Another similar artist is Martha Graham, the well known modern dancer. Unfortunately she did not like others showing her up and was adamant about continuing all of the choreography and main roles herself.


OK Baby; so where are pictures of the "House
on the Rock"? What's this all about?

Sign up now for a critique.




You guys don't have a clue about Frank Lloyd Wright. He had nothing to do with Alex Jordan's House on the Rock. If you think he did, by influence or otherwise, you are an idiot.

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