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April 07, 2005



Earlier today I encountered a gentleman from the
South, and noticing he only had one shoe, I exclaimed, "You've lost your shoe!"
He replied gleefully, "Nope! Found one!


The kings of Southern radio are at



MAybe we Southerners are still strong in our Confederate beliefs because we see how the country is and we're telling all you damn Yankess 'TOLD YOU SO'........it's all about rights!!!! Every religious, ethic group are screaming RIGHTS, but when the Southerns do it it is somehow different????
Mind you, I am orginially from Colorado, but always being in love with the South and their ideas, I studied and read on them until I was old enough to come down here myself. I left my family in Colorado and I now live in South Carolina, and would never THINK about living anywhere BUT the South. If in my lifetime the South were to actually rise again, you will see be at the front lines!!!!! Shame on you Yankees for being so ignorant!!!!

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The Southern Avenger makes great points in his political and social commentaries.

The south is "known" for its bigotry, intolerance, and social backwardness not because it is necessarily true, but rather because Northerners were smart enough to pick up a pen and paper and be the first ones to print it for the nation to see.

Note that I am a Yankee, and a somewhat liberal one at that.

Cheers for southerners for rejecting the mythical yoke of ignorance that anyone living north of the Potomac river thinks Southerners should wear because they grew up in a warm climate, actually know their neighbors and went to church.

Yeah, its not all rosy in the south - I live in Charleston, but there are just as many people doing stupid things as when I lived in the North.

The Southern Avenger has some great stuff & I look forward to seeing some other stations pick it up - check him out at http://southernavenger.com


I think I've soured on the whole slavery thing. Well that and the killing people for teaching or learning to read, oh and the burning people alive and um the rape part. Fried chicken isn't very healthy either. Oh and the equating ignorance with honesty thing loses it's charm pretty quick along with the equating conformity with altruism.

You could really show me what's what by lighting up a non-filter cigarette and toasting your rebellion (and health and longevity) with hard liquor.

Pseu Braun

Thanks for the completely uninformed rant, Bartleby. You not only entirely
missed the point of my post, you haven't even *listened* to this guy's
broadcast, so therefore you may be acting more ignorant than the both this
author and it's subject.

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