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May 31, 2005



And by an amazing coincidence, our friends at Stay Free magazine have posted an article examining various vintage McDonald's TV commercials on their site today. See the terrifying genetic experiments that used to populate McDonaldland!

McDonald's did in fact celebrate its 50th anniversary here in Chicago recently, when they opened what appears to be called the 50th Anniversary Restaurant, on the site of a former McDonald's (the "Rock'n'Roll McDonald's" that was immortalized in song by Wesley Willis). I stopped by there a couple weeks ago with some time to kill, but did not make it into the place because I was stopped cold by a series of bronze life-size statues of people (I'm guessing they're supposed to be customers, or happy denizens of McDonaldland or something) near the entrance. One of the statues was indeed of Ronald McDonald, who was reaching down to a child on a trike. Although it was obviously supposed to look like that Ronald was For The Children(TM), I could not help but think that Ronald was actually saying, "This child is fat enough to be turned into McNuggets!" And thanks to the Billboard Liberation Front, now I know that is EXACTLY what he is saying. Good thing I didn't go in!

milton rand kalman

also check out the video of our handy work on SFist.com



To Serve Man… mmmmmm, Soylent Green is people


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