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June 08, 2005


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Great collection!

Thanks Ken, keep 'em coming, jewels like these!

(Couldn't resist deciphering track 11. Right channel contains a story in French about the formation of the statesform of the republic in classic history (pardon my French?).
It's reversed and at double speed; like a tape channel beeing picked up from the wrong tape direction, recorded at lower speed...)

Oddio Katya

Gorgeous collection, Ken! Thank you so much!

No matter how often I hear it or how many times it is explained to me, two tone throat singing just blows my mind. The sounds from Mr. Manchurek Khen do not sound human. And pygmies - wow, the Cameroon pygmies make such etherial vocal music.

Inspiring. Thanks, again.


'Milking Song - Tigre Speaking Chief' ..... bwhahahahahahaha! Are you sure thats a milking situation? Makes me think of Scotsmen and sheep....

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