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June 08, 2005



Maybe portraying the Abu Ghraib abuses as avant-garde conceptual art will finally cause Rush Limbaugh to get outraged about them.


Salvador, not Salvatore; "Fountain," not "Urinal." (Picky, picky...)


it *is* brilliant.


Otto Muhl would certainly consider it art. He's now in jail for doing this kind of "art" (with children)--and the Bush admin belongs there, too.


aw heck, why can't it be both!

Krys O.

Does this qualify as suffering for one's art?


The inverse is sometimes true: Listening to Xenakis is a torture to me...


I am sure this wouldn't be art if there were western people on the right hand side image, so before anyone wastes any more time discussing this, think about what opinions you would have if this was your farther, brother or husband. This is a real world with real problems. Wake up

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