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June 04, 2005



Hey Ken, I know Helge very well, used to hang out with him in Hamburg, got all of his CD´s. He´s the greatest German Jazz musician as well as the funniest comedian. Helge rocks!! Check out his movies, too!



Fernanda Garcia

I was trying to download a sound and find the
link https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/KF2001
So, in august 22th, I FINNALY FIND MY SOUND!!
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle, Viel zu viel.
I listen 10.000 times....hehehe

You can help me? I´m Brazilian and no speak no one word in german, I need the lyric of this sound, but it´s imposible to find in the net...

Foreign Internet Listener C.

You're welcome!

john from oslo

Helge is great - but why doesnt he tour Scandinavia?
Imagine if you will; these three - MA Numminen, Wing and Helge - touring together... Now, that would have been something.
People are spending time putting together mixes http://www.artofthemix.org/index.asp
Why not start art-of-the-tour. Put together living (or dead) artists for a great shows, venues, gossip and concert reviews... Make it happen! Virtually... Maybe some lotterywinner will really make it come true...


helge is a great one in jazz too. Listen here:


Albgardis Ungvarsky

Oh, what treasures I am finding here! My husband actually found your blog in Mid July 2005, and since then we are subscribing the newsletter. Now I have never come across the older stuff somehow (before 7/05), Dummy Me never thought of using the search button.

Now, WOW, hey, that is Helge as we know him (I am German, incase you don't know me), and I can actually see him right in front of me when I listen to these weird great cover versions. He is usually wearing a blue or green suit 3 numbers too small. Due to his clownesque performance he often is underestimated. This guy is a real musician, he plays several instruments and should be really listed as a great Jazz musician. But he is considered more a clown. Well, maybe not by those who understand his music.

Great great stuff, thanks to the poster (even though my post comes late, maybe you'll see it eventually) !!


Just got back from Cologne where I casualy dropped Helge's name and became Mr. Popular real schnell. - Thanks Ken and Listener C!

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