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June 18, 2005


Borah Bashi

Oh, about a year ago, it must have been, I was, um, perusing on of my favorite 'work for safe not' sites, moc.tcejorpelits.www, (warned you have been), and as I do occasionally, ran one of my 'bot scripts to slurp down all the crazy vids he collects, and one was a video called 'Kids Stuff' or something like that, it must have been a pilot for Wonder Showzen, I'm sorry I didn't keep it archived, but yep, these are those guys... wonderful stuff... now, back to corrupting my children...

Borah Bashi

Got the pilot episode from Donkey network, it's not the same as what up on stile, but some of the material was the same. I guess the clip on stile was a pitch.

Borah Bashi


copyright at end sez 2000, so they've been working on this for a while...


These folks also had a show at LFL gallery a year or so ago. Along with the Kids' Show, it featured a brilliantly offensive abuse of the porn-on-demand industry. At one point in that piece, a woman stands nude in a shower, opens up a ball jar labeled "Angels' Tears" and pours it all over herself.



these folks are ALSO those responsible for "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle", and, pre-PFFR were in the band Muckaferguson who made repeat visits to WFMU in the mid-'90s.

oh, and that's why there is a guest vocal from Snoop Dogg on the second PFFR record.

tom moody

Hey, Brian and all,
I did a blog report on the Kid's Show pilot a couple of years ago here: http://www.digitalmediatree.com/tommoody/?20656
It appeared online at some point and I linked to it but haven't watched it in that form. I still get lots of search requests for it. Haven't seen the new show--I don't have MTV2 in my cable package--but will look for it. --tom


Don't forget about the unofficial homepage, http://www.wonder-showzen.com, where the story of the new season and DVD set can be found... plus a nice memorial to Him Sr.


Dear Wonder Showzen creators,

Thank you for not including Minnesota as part of Middle-America during the boy genius skit in the Khartum space on disk 2, season 2. Beating idiot people over the head and feeding them the results. Mmmm.

A still-evolving psychotic ape,

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