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June 29, 2005


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» True Music Fans from Chapomatic
...will enjoy this piece WFMU found--a Sabbath cover from Conan O'Brien. It's not an ordinary Sabbath cover. It's with Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa, and John Tesh. OH dear. Witness the deploying of the cheezy keyboard guitar-thing by a guy who rocks... [Read More]



That was so frigging awesome. I think Grandma was really starting to enjoy it there at the end. I think I might have to convert a few old casio keyboards to keytars now.


poor John Tesh kinda got lost on that first bridge...

nh dave

Having John Tesh ask 'do you know anything by Black Sabbath' has to be one of the signs of a coming Apocalypse.


Holy fucking shit! I've been on the hunt for this clip for years! How hilarious is it when Tesh is trying to throw down and his glasses almost fall off...Thank YOU!


I had this on audio only for awhile, but the video is SO much better. Ahmet's dancing is tremendous. Plus I had no idea an old woman was sitting quietly behind them or the keytar, god it is a perfect storm of absurdism. Thank you.



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