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August 22, 2005


Gerard Cosloy

What did Alan Partridge say when he learned he'd knocked up Courtney Love?

A) "Back of the net!"
B) "T'pau!"
C) no comment.

In lieu of cigars, Coogan's new hollywood friends can expect Rawlinson's Chocolate Oranges.

Krys O.

Slightly damaged Chocolate Oranges to boot!

Brian Turner

"That was classic intercourse."


Up next: Bill Murray doing lines of blow off of Lil Kim's ass

Chris L

"Ooooh, sex."


And, of course, let's recall Alan's amooth love-call to Sonja, his Ukrainian girlfriend:

"Only a few more nights in the caravan, Sonja. Thought we'd celebrate tonight by watching "Spartacus" with corn beef hash. Then afterwards we'll make sweet love. Then I'll drive you home. Okay. Actually , let's bring the lovemaking forward, come here. Ah! Come here, you lucky, lucky lady."

BBC America (TV) has been airing "It's Alan Partridge" on Saturday evenings with repeats overnight. They're into the less than perfect season two (Series Two to Brits), but it's still worth watching.

Also, a 1991 show that helped start Alan Partridge's career is now being repeated on BBC Radio 7: On The Hour with Chris Morris and Coogan doing hilarious sports reports as Alan Partridge airs Wednesdays 23:00-23:30 UK time. The link above will take you to a streaming version which updates weekly. The stream begins a couple minutes before the show actually kicks off.

It's most enjoyable. Too bad about the Courtney stuff, if true.


Buckeye Girl

I can't believe Courtney Love somehow thinks this hurts HER reputation!
I suppose if you are a coke-fueled sex addict, getting Courtney Love is like a bit of the Holy Grail.
If that's true and all. The tabloids say so!

Janey Yonkers

Maybe Coogan really didn't sleep with her. She seems pretty confused about the whole thing, and apparently she thinks it was Alan Partridge who rogered her. Given Mrs. Cobhain's generally drug-addled state, how hard would it be for almost anyone to claim he was Steve Coogan—or Alan Partridge, or Judge Crater—and then bag her for a week or two? How would she know the difference?


I guess maybe Courney, in bad hotel room lighting, kinda does look like a "Bangkok Chick-boy."

Krys O.

It's over! Sniff....

Bill W

If true, I guess the Going Hollywood thing (getting his teeth capped, parodying himself in Coffee & Cigarettes, making shitty films like Around the World in 80 Days, divorcing the pre-fame wife) has sunk Coogan further than one could've feared.

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