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August 24, 2005



If he would just stick to calling for the murder of duly-elected leaders of sovereign nations instead of showing dildo golf he'd be fine.

Listener James from Westwood

When are we going to have the equivalent of Joseph Welch to stand up to these so-called prudes who deliberately ignore the "off" button on every radio, TV, and computer and presume to dictate what I feel is proper for me or any of my dependents to absorb? Jack Thompson, at long last, have you no sense of indecency?


I'm a long time Stern listener and I get disgusted by him periodically. Plus, when I'm driving my kid somewhere, I usually have to stop my kid from hearing that filth.

Fortunately, my radio comes with an "off" button, as well as the ability to change channels.

If he only would stick to slandering parents of armed forces killed in Iraq, or calling for the assassination of foreign leaders, or simply frothing at the mouth screaming "traitor" at everyone who disagrees with the president's failed policies, or perhaps advocating the execution of mentally retarded juveniles, not only would he not have these problems with the FCC, he'd be welcome on Fox News.

Seriously, it's time to call "bullshit" on all the retards who claim America is the most free country while calling for yet more restrictions on freedom. Outside of the truly repressive countries, e.g. China, Myanamar, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc, etc, - America rates very poorly in freedom of expression among the "free world". It's an embarrassment. Our libel laws are better than Britain's, we have no religious taxes - these are thin footholds for claims of freedom compared to freedoms enjoyed by residents of those nasty, evil, "liberal" states.


Jack Thompson could have dedicated his life to any number of noble causes, and yet he has choosen the path of 'pro-censorship stooge'. How sad.

Chad from Columbus

I'm with JT. I also listen to Stern on a regular basis. I also have a six year old son. When I have to take him to school I just simply don't turn the radio on until he's been dropped off. What a concept! I, the parent, am deciding what my child can or cannot listen to instead of the government!

But alas, with the letter of inquiry sent out, I found out yesterday that my local station in Columbus, OH is taking him off the air. So I will not be able to listen to him again til he goes on Satellite. (Guess what I want for Christmas)

Keep an eye out, because I bet he is off the air everywhere real soon. Congrats, Jack. Now I don't have to choose what my son can or can't listen too. You've done me a favor and made that choice for me.

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