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August 16, 2005


waw pierogi

the track from Mike Lupica's show from group:xex (he pronounced our name as "zeks" correctly, which should be inferred from the album title as at least a double entendre for "group sex" and even a triple entendre for deconconstructionists who might see "zeks" as a homophone for the number six in German and attach any signicance to our greater fanbase among tekno listeners auf Deutschland, was not "Fashion Hurts" but the second track from both the original vinyl and the 2004 reissue on smackshire (our suggested title for it was "regroup:xex")...also Mike Lupica categorized our genre as "electronic goth" erroneously - we predated goth and are identified by many presentday bands as the Archimedes of electroclash ...

fred g sanford (The "G" is for Guerilla.)

very nice.
thank yew!

listener of XEX

This lp is genius! It reminds me of Cardboards, Units, Primitive Calculators. Love the lyrics. Definitely one of the best unknown U.S. bands that fit into the punk sound. I can only imagine what original copies go for on eBay!

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