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August 02, 2005


Ar Bit

Terry Polevoy makes it into the big league by stalking radio DJ's and anyone he disagrees with! Polevoy spent the better part of 5 years stalking Christine McPhee and literally hundreds of others who might suggest there's more to medicine than Zoloft and Lithium. Polevoy would attend McPhee's radio shows, park outside her house and follow her through malls. He would steal her garbage and privately threaten her life. McPhee had 24 hour security to protect her from this looney. McPhee finally had enough, pulled up stakes and moved out of the country. Polevoy has moved on. His most recent and intense stalking has been the staff of a cancer clinic in Ottawa. Polevoy has published unbelievably stupid and libelous information about this group all over the internet and waits outside their clinic snapping photos of the rich and famous who might attend. He has uttered and published death threats and commonly makes false and vexacious complaints to regulators. He is known to show up at local health food conventions wearing all sorts of disguises and threatening patrons with certain fiery deaths and hell should they use vitamin c or echinecea.

Polevoy pretends to practice medicine while convincing his regulators that he no longers sees patients, particularly children. He runs an "Acne Care" clinic 'cause he knows first hand what it feels like to be a pimply faced reject adolescent.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario are simply waiting for the right time and right circumstances to give this wacko his walking papers. The police in London, Ontario, Polevoy's current address are watching him closely hoping Polevoy gives them right reason to put him down.

Terry Polevoy

It is apparent that the blog owner has no control over the posts here. There is nothing in the post made by Ar_Bit that is truthful. If the post made by this individual is not removed immediately, then the ISP will receive an official complaint.

Who is Ar_Bit?

The real story about the cancellation of the radio show by the radio network is just the tip of the iceberg. Early on in her career on radio, and shortly after it she joined her plight with the likes of Tim Bolen.



During her short few years on the radio here in Canada she helped to promote Dr. Pinkus, Scientologist with his various remedies, Tim Bolen a noted cancer quack supporter, Katrina Kulhay and her alternative health clinic which in fact was a paid two hour infomercial, Bill O'Neill who has failed miserably to defame and slander me for years using various disguises on the internet. etc.

McPhee says that she is now in California, and I believe that she has tried to resume her radio career. Her only gig is now on internet radio as far as I can tell. The folks in Cleveland didn't like what they heard last summer during her short run one one of their stations.

So, beware what you read about the situation. There are more than two sides to every story.

Ar Bit

Ah....Finally the great stalker and molester comes out of the woodwork. He has taken the bait and for a few moments his stalkees can relax and grab a smoke. I have a question for DokTor Stalk-E-Voy:

What makes you think you can do all the nasty crazy shit you do and not have come back at you and be sued?


http://sawiin.descom.es/woman/tongues.html dimlyfingeringwelcomed

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