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September 08, 2005


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Cherie Birkin

Phew!! I'm still catching my breath after part 1! William, this is better than I could have hoped. What a goldmine - you've inspired me to become a better bin digger. Thank You!


ye gods man!


I can't believe there's a mention of Arcane V on here; I bought that record sound-unheard from a rare vinyl auction years back...always thought it was brilliant but knew nothing about it....kudos.


public service broadcasting at its very best. god love you, fella


More greatness. Thanks. That list though, put together when Stapleton was something like 17 wasnt it? (correct me pls) Anyway, a LOOONG time ago. One's gotta wonder how much further deeper his ears have travelled since then! Thanks again.

Brian Turner

Well, they've travelled into the realm of Female Booty Music, apparently. It's apparently his fave these days.

cloud boy

Just incredible - looking forward to part 3 - thank you for posting these obscure gems...


According to information found here, Steven Stapleton would have been around 22 when the first version of the list was published. Also, here's a great interview with Steve from the LCD archives.

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