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October 19, 2005



I say AMEN - when aquarius and wfmu go off in the corner together I get all blushy and squeal. My two favorites are hooking up! If I had the money I'd probably be buying all the AQ reccs every week, and then I wouldn't have FMU on all the time instead. This way, I'll send money to both when I can, but not have to decide who's my favorite!


the m3u streams no workee. real versions works, but all the m3us seem broken.


and Aquarius and Kim's are probably the best record stores in the nation.


'twould be real neat if AQ somehow had a weekly show on FMU...or podcast...or something.
That was a great show, I dug it the most.


great show, but too much talk. more music next time please. i mean, i don't really care about his ring tones.

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