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October 30, 2005


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» Somethings Really Wrong in the East from morgannels
Its not safe for work, and I have not idea what theyre saying, but the production values are impressive, you can dance to it, and a Buddha makes an appearance, so it cant be all bad, can it? ... [Read More]


Ed Word

Thats a great video, chainsaws up the butt never get old.
These are also the people who give us this little gem http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/2447/1321/320/ltk.jpg



Seksowne Nastolatki

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zgrabne nastolatki

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Marty Shane

A friend of mine in Taiwan just sent me this video, and then I did a search for LTK and this review came up. I've been a long time WFMU listener and it's hopeful that the station is picking up on what's going on over there.

I spent a little over a year in Taiwan checking out the underground scene. I went to so many shows I decided to make a website for the myriad bands I saw. I was lucky to attend several LTK Commune's live shows which never failed to end up in punk rock chaos invloving haywire fireworks and effigy beatings. They've managed to influence almost all the younger punks on the island with their lewd antics and absurd political attacks.

For more about LTK check out my website:


or check out the other bands featured on my site at:



LTK rules! I know them well enough to give high fives! I lived in Taiwan for 7 years , their shows scare me!


They've toned down the political bents of their shows, but are still able to whip the crowd into (good-natured) profanity-laced exchanges. One trademark of their shows comes right out of the Beat Farmers playbook, where the audience will liberally chuck beer cans at them while they play. The singer will usually respond with shaking a full beer and spraying the audience while using a vulgar Taiwanese term for ejaculation. One of the most fun shows I've ever seen in my 10 years living here.

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