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October 18, 2005


Listener James from Westwood

Wow, a point of agreement between myself and Babyface Martin? I have long said I would pay about $25 a month for the basic on-air television channels and the 10 or so cable channels that I want, plus another $10 for Internet access, and the option of adding or subtracting channels for a set per-month fee. If we could use some sort of teleportation accident to separate that side of Martin from his more Comstock-like identity, we'd be in business.

Hazy Dave

Ya know, even Madonna has figured out that it might not be the best thing for kids to be constantly exposed to sexual imagery and stimulation. Once she had some of her own, instead of merely tapping the allowance of other people's, anyway. Other people may choose to support the right of fuckwit pop stars to flash boob in circumstances that a reasonable person may not expect to see such. Or at least use it as a launchpad for predictable anti-censorship, anti-conservative and/or anti-christian riffs. Yeah, I know, you're really just trying to support your favorite Amendment to the Constitution. Whatever. I probably wouldn't have bothered to Comment, but I got stuck trying to figure out how many frames of a NTSC broadcast signal make 19/32 of a second. Help, I'm being repressed.

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