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October 26, 2005


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last year's Ghouls With Attitude compilation is the companion piece to these.


Thanks for the tasty treats, what fun!


Woooohohohohahahaaaaa! (Develish outcry...) Thanks Debbie!

Count Stragula

hi there!
great site! i will be a regular visitor now!
here are 3 "horror"-songs for you, played by Stragula:
"The Arrival of Cthulhu", "Moloch II", "What gives you the creep?"
have a jolly good time,
Count Stragula

Oddio Katya

Boogity Boogity! Thanks for the tunes, Debbie and Stragula. Hey, Orsted, thanks for the Oddio plug! Everyone can still download that 2-CD set and the Martinibomb cut at OddioOverplay.com. Also, we have a scary project in the works for this year. All are invited to join us! Boogity! -katya

Katya Oddio

It's alive! Various Artists - Calling All Fiends, two hours of original scary music at OddioOverplay.com

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