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October 21, 2005



Movies about the 60's should never, EVER, be done by people who weren't alive at the time.

Just folly tends to produce product much like "That's 70's Show"...or "Happy Days"



These immobile piles of trash, they are flammable?


My sympathies. NYC has a real anything goes attitude when it comes to accomodating the film industry, residents and businesses be damned. And another thing...Beatles Beatles Beatles! Didn't anyone learn anything from that wretched Sgt. Pepper movie? Let's put the catalog to rest for a decade or two. And while we're at it, let's retire Beethoven's Ninth and "Spirit in the Sky."

Jeff Jotz

How soon can we get some of these baby boomers to check into nursing homes so they can quit ruining our attitudes about their youth culture?


Uhhh... Julie Taymor WAS alive in the 60s.

Jeff T

Boomers have officially knocked Logan's Run into my DVD utopian section.


Next time you're told to not cross the street by some walkie-talkie wielding PA b/c of some shittyass movie shoot, ignore 'em! They ain't no cops. You walk onto their set; these are your streets, not theirs. Maybe you can even tackle bono and snatch his cheesy sunglasses off his smug face.

Hell's Angel

Pray for another Altamont....

Krys O.

Golly, why can't they go to Toronto to film like they've always done before?!


Oh come on. Obviously none of you remember those delightful curly haired robots in Sgt. Peppers


But a crucial part of our brainwashing (now entering the rinse cycle) is the cultural respinning of past events.
Forrest Gump taught us all that being a protesting, hippy libertine will get you killed and disobeying authority is wrong, and that if you are stupid, obedient, hardworking and procreate you will be prosperous - all with a groovy soundtrack of feel good hits!
And it was fun!
C'mon America, let's go revisionist!

The Palaverer

Yechhhhh. And in addition to Wm. Berger's list of things to cryogenically freeze, I'd like to add Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. It's just not scary anymore. And it wasn't meant to be scary in the first place!

Jeff T

Yes, if there is one strong point against the public domain it's Carmina Burana.


In a decade or two you might find dog doo bolted to your sidewalk. And crackheads, played by leading non-actors of the future, stab eachother, while loudspeakers barf out "Where the streets have no name." (And staged joggers passing by shouting obscenities at mock-up camera crews?)


I think John Lennon would have loved to be killed in the Lower East Side...


Of course, it had to be Julie Taymor... She is SUCH a genius. "Do you like Gladiator movies, Bono?"

Alexis Dahan

I spend a good time today watching the set. Enough to make me writing an article about the neighbourhood reactions, if some of you want to write me an email with a one sentence quote about how do you feel being taken as hostage by a movie set, please, don't hesitate!

Kenzo (lastever.org / kenzodb.com)

Jesus, you didn't even mention the revisionist geography: See this blasphemous street sign.
(From Curbed)


I'm just looking for the name of the costume designer for this film. Thanks!

alexis dahan

photography looks great

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