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October 18, 2005


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related: prince has to get his hip replaced


(basketball in high heels did my grandma's hips in, too)


The proper form of address for a prince is "your highness", not "your majesty."

P funk

Y did he say hes 19, he was born in 58. Funny as shit tho


I recall watching Prince & The Revolution lip-synching "Little Red Corvette" on Solid Gold back in the day.

John Fashanu

I play the recorder blowing through my nose


This is truly priceless! I saw this clip as a kid 12 yrs old - amazing to see it after all these years - Prince was so cocky and young -now i feel old!

Elsa (Hernandez) Queen

My dance partner and I were on American Bandstand when Prince was on there and I Had no Clue why all the girls (and guys) were all screaming over this little guy , and then Mr Clarlk tried to ask him Quistions and he bearly talked.... but I do like his music... and I am looking for vedios to show my kids I was on there just 6 weeks but on the show... had a blast ...


wow no way he's not indifferent... he's excited, and hyper nervous!! holee crap he's nervous! lol it's funny. ;) He does seem to act a bit full of himself in some ways but young guys often act that way. he's probably thinking something like, "wow I can't believe I'm actually here. do I really deserve this? I don't think I deserve this..." combined with, "Here I am at an earlier age than anybody else. I must be amazing... I AM amazing!" lol it's great how during the interview, he held up 4 fingers to answer one of Dick's questions - I think he was too shy and embarrassed to even muster up a voice to speak with. lol

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