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October 21, 2005


Zach in Philly

Finally. At long last. To those who wait, good things come. Thank You, Amanda!, for the fine, fine point about single celled placozoans doing it. For a good time, now, this has been a short stop to conversations leaking into the banal sex topic. Reminding a horny human that his or her libido manifesto ranks all the way up there with -- I usually stop at insects, but the reference, as everyone is oft reminded, goes all the way down to plants -- something lower on the food chain has a potently deflating effect on the exchange. Thanks, doubly, whether intended as such or not, for the Nick Cave reference in the phrasing choice.

Not sure if it's my service provider or the site, but the real dolls link(s) are not happening = a non-scary "boo":-)

I was late for supper when the Week was Meat ... my attendance has been somewhat spotty ... fave week, so far: the one that included "Girls with Glasses." Talk about more bang for the bifocals.

(an' keep up the great work!)

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