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November 01, 2005


Albgardis Ungvarsky

Thank you for posting the german book of Sexualaufklaerung! My american husband could never imagine what I meant when I told him we Germans OF COURSE are educated about sexuality as soon as we can read, normally by the end of 2nd grade, when we are 7-8 years old. And I am glad! Because we actually have a natural relationship to our bodies and our sexuality, UNLIKE Americans. Just like every child in that age I had such a book (not this one exactly), and if the prudish Americans would finally start to provide their children with a normal sexual education, maybe they would not act as weird as they do. For example, my husband has never seen his parents naked in his whole life. Oh wow, that is pervert for a German! I am serious, really, this is considered pervert to us. Thank you again for publishing this book, it will be downloaded and hopefully be helpful for many children.

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