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November 07, 2005



The cool thing about this cartoon is that there are no aliens in Gundam. It's a story about overpopulation and Char has the answer. Destroy everyone on earth with asteroids.Lets just hope this guy has run out of money.....or has some left, depending on your point of view.


Absolutely true. Not all anime are about aliens and magic and big eyes cute girls cosplay.

As a Gundam fan, it's an honor to see our Red Comet in space so soon in the civilian space travel era but we have to admit the Red Comet uniform is dorky (the space suit is a pink-redish space suit that's not too different from modern ones except much thinner) -- even character designer Yaz said if he knew the Gundam anime was planned to be realistic instead of the old Super Robot shows he would have designed the uniform different.

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