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December 21, 2005



I'd read this article elsewhere, possibly BoingBoing, but what caught my attention this time around was Jesse Crumb's artwork. Unlike his sister Sophie's work, which is very good but reeks of the influence of both her parents, Jesse's work is almost idiosynchratic.

Almost. Because of the subject matter, I thought I was looking at a Stanislaw Szukalski. Google him if the thematic similarity isn't obvious.


I was immediately reminded of Szukalski myself, and not just because of Crumb's painting. I'm given to wonder if the article isn't an unintentional reiteration of Szukalski's "yetinsin" theories, distilled down in the manner of other urban legends.

The Gray Lady

That story was recently covered in a December 12 New York Times editorial by Clive D.L. Wynne.

Krys O.

Absatively Szukalski who was featured in an old Weirdo magazine.

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