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January 05, 2006


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Had the good fortune to see Jaap Blonk live back in November. He was doing his stereo mouth synthesiser. Imagine something like that incredible webpage you featured here but panning and swirling around! The public actually swayed along, which made it feel like we were all on an ocean liner!


it seems just a little bit queer to me that face recognition software is being mentioned as it is. Not unlike "those nutty nerds ! when are they gonna get a life !" PS its a matter of time when you and i (whether in Smallville or Metropolis) will be observed by robotic cameras and our faces compared in a data base of faces to terrorists and/or other undesireables.

I can get a witness ?

fatty jubbo

I just couldn't resist the face recognition. and you know what? all 3 pictures uploaded pull up Lucile Ball. hmmmm.


Darkstrider site comes up in IE and Firefox with no clickable links!? Disappointing, as it looks like good stuff.

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