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February 18, 2006


Baz Garrod

Ah yes... the sheer nerve and hypocrisy of Sony... install hidden spyware onto the PCs of the world and then try to gloss it over by reaching out to students... a scandalous disgrace. If these students have any sense of intelligence, they'll tell Sony right where to go!


God bless the new wave of marketing. Little do these meatheads know is that it's so absolutely easy to see through attempts at "generating buzz", and Americans are so media savvy that just about everyone sees right through it.

Who do we have to thank for all this crap? That shock-haired fucker Malcolm Gladwell. I hope he roasts in hell with that guy who coined "paradigm shifting".


Man. Sony is such crap. I don't think I've hear anything good from them in forver. i mean, my friend was saying good things about the new John mayer album. like how he perfectly captures the post9-11 angst of the younger generation. i think my friend stold me he read that in rollingstone. and that they gave the album like 17 stars. im defintiely going to have to check it out. oh also! i know you guys realy like msuic and probably download lots of shit and all but my freind who works for the RIAA told me theyre going to do this big bust soon so you def.shouldn't download anyhthing (even the john mayer album... lol) because theyre going to slap you with like $10,00000 fines.ok! cool! love you guyz, bye.


Anyone would think the RIAA and Sony are one and the same in the way they monopolise and think they own the music industry. Don't forget what Sony keep flogging and financing... Jacko. If that doesn't leave a foul taste in ones mouth then...

Apophenia Pareidola

Why does everyone love Myspace so much?

Clue to all readers who are not hopeless Bush supporters, this thing is owned by Mr Rupert Murdoch, the same gentleman who brings us FOX NEWS.

Please cancel your myspace accounts if you have any self-respect at all, and any desire to slow down this hideous juggernaut at all; it might not SEEM like your one little myspace account matters, but it DOES, because YOU help make it COOL for all your FRIENDS, which means MORE users, equals MORE ad revenues, equals MORE for MURDOCH and his FOX NEWS EMPIRE.

Myspace = MyDisgrace


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