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February 27, 2006



Greetings WFMU,

At WMUC www.wmucradio.com we just so happen to be fans of WFMU. While we were always aware of WFMU, we were fortunate to have an FM program director circa 1996 (Eric Speck) that was from Jersey City. Hence, many of our staff became listeners of WFMU as well as WMUC.

Thank you very much for mentioning us in your Blog. The current status of WYPR (as of Septermer 5, 2007) is that they have taken the initial steps in the installation of their new transmitter. The increase in power for WYPR will be from 10KW to 15.5 KW. Currently they are operating at a lower power to facilitate the installation of the new transmitter.

According to the 60dbu contour maps published on the FCC website, the increase of power by WYPR will not affect the licensure of WMUC however the broadcast range of WMUC will be greatly compromised. To give you an idea for comparison, WMUC operates at 10 Watts (yes 10) with an antenna height of 3 feet (yes 3) HAAT (height above average terrain). WYPR will be operating at 15,500 watts with an HAAT of 130 feet.

The current signal for WMUC has difficulty saturating the Campus of the University of Maryland while listeners in the surrounding community have difficulty maintaining a listenable signal.

The outcome effects are at this point unknown until WYPR actually "flips the switch". However, in all likelyhood WMUC will lose a majority of its already limited broadcast ability and WPYR will likely be unlistenable in our broadcast range. Leaving this senario that 88.1FM in the College Park, MD area will be an unlistenable mix of WMUC and WYPR.

In closing, WMUC 88.1FM is among the last bastions of truly freeform student operated, college radio stations in the nation and the ONLY freeform station in the Washington, DC region. WMUC has operated at 88.1FM longer than WYPR. The WMUC call sign was originally founded in 1937 as an AM Carrier Current station and is among the oldest continuously operating radio stations in the nation. Yes, that's right...this news of WYPR happens on the anniversary of our 70th year of broadcasting.

Any support you can grant to WMUC is GREATLY appreciated. We are studying our limited resources in the already crowded DC radio market. While our extremely limited financial abilities increase the difficulty and severely limit our options.

We hope you at WFMU will remain fans of WMUC as we remain fans of WFMU.

Sincerely yours,
Electric Candle Radio Program
WMUC 88.1FM Saturday 3:00PM

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