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February 16, 2006



William- Yeah, I gotta get Early Water. Been meaning to for a while. Gottsching is a cosmic master!

Is Meditation on SKY? Never heard it, but I think I recall hearing that Schoener was a K. Schulze devotee or something.


The Schoener Meditation CD is a double-disc with Sky Music-Mountain Music on Celestial Harmonies. Both albums originally released on Kuckuck. More info: http://www.blacksun.com/releases/12059.htm

Mike Aspras

Hi everyone!

As some of you, I've been looking around for info about Richard Ginsberg host of Synthetic Pleasure, the electronic music radio show that used to be broadcast on WFMU every Monday night in the mid 80s. I used to look forward to it.

So now I see my mistake. It's now Ricky. Regardless, it's a pleasure, non-synthetic of coarse, to finally hear from you! Being from Orange New Jersey and now Florida, you must really like oranges!

I must thank you for the introduction of electronic music in my life. It never wears out. I've taped some of your shows and I still listen. To the person above who wondered whether Yanni was ever at a broadcasting of Synthetic Pleasure, I listened, I taped.

Too bad, though. Because of the taping habits I regret I rarely ordered your Synthetic Pleasure Contact List more than twice. And now I scrounge around for the names of those less popular artists of songs on either LP or CD. It was not meant to get around from purchasing these items; electronic music wasn't an easy category to find in record stores. Nevetheless, I still haven't given up. I'm here, aren't I?

Ricky: We've once met at the Upsala College studio, the place with the old transmitter. Laurie Paisley was there, too. I believe my visiting opportunity was due to a marathon winning for a new transmitter. The school must've gotten it just in time. . .when your show went off the air!

I've seldom seen it mentioned here, but one of your favorites was also Michael Garrison. I'm deeply sad to say that Michael had passed away in 2004. A big loss.

As a tribute, a fan (Craig Padilla) had purchased Michael's keyboard and equipment, the instruments which created: In The Regions of Sunreturn, Prisms, Eclipse, and more. A number of other artists have also joined efforts thus came the creation of the final album, "To The Sky and Beyond The Stars - A Tribute to Michael Garrison".

In the tribute album, it's very interesting how the musicians managed to convey their art in Michael's style. For instance, in track 11 of CD #1 named: "Adagio for Michael" by Something Completely Different, one of Michael's pieces is played and then at the end, a super nova explosion and the music takes one into the heavens with Michael.

It's a great double CD album, all of it. A must hear - must own CD. I'm sure Michael would've loved it.



Anyway, glad to hear from you, Richard, I mean Ricky. It's also amazing how you still have people who remember you. I guess we're all still looking forward to next Monday night between the hours of 6 and 9 PM.

Mike Aspras

Mike Aspras

"a broadcasting of Synthetic Pleasure, I listened, I taped."

And no, not to copy works. To listen at a later time like we do with VHS.


Mike Aspras

Uh, oh. Just checked. The hymes came back to mind after writing about it so I hadda look around. I was wrong in thinking that I still had anything. Sorry for the error. My taped memories are gone! Lost those inferior "cazzettes" (as Richard used to say). Because I kept it limited without special care, they now don't exist anymore. Not that there was much of anything to begin with. I once hadda dump one due to sun ray damages in the car. I guess time really took its toll. I recall it was all static to begin with (bad reception), anyway. It didn't matter, it was not to miss announcements.

Not a total loss, though. I still have my vinyl collection of the same songs, though (yes, vinyl is still better quality than CD) and some were released and yet re-bought on CD.

As great a show as Synthetic Pleasure (SP) was, it may no longer be on the air, but luckily in the past years I'd sample a lot of old records sold at flea markets very cheap. SP was just one introductory form of sampling tool.

Nevertheless, Synthetic Pleasure was real and it will always be at least in my memory, as if by wizardry!




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James Russell

As a somewhat belated follow-up, I now have a box set called Nebulous Dawn via Sanctuary, which contains the first four albums plus Edgar Froese's pre-TD single with The Ones and both sides of "Ultima Thule". The booklet notes that this is probably the first time side two has been legitimately reissued, though they don't seem to know for sure themselves.

Andy Mattingly

Any information on a track by Tangerine dream called "Roger"? Been trying to get this info off and on for 30 years! Did I hear wrong or what?...

Andy --
Sorry, not familiar with that track. Is it pre-'83? Perhaps one of the other "experts" will check in with more info.


During the marathon I won a copy of OHM: Early Guru's of Electronic. It was just recently delivered. This box set rekindled my interest in TD. I had the latter 3 of the first 4 albums and was prompted into my virgin iTunes venture for the first. I like all 4 but feel a little aprehensive about moving foward in their history. I'm hoping these mp3 links still work and can round out a 5 disc CD changer session after my recent Hellish 6 weeks. Thanks in advance Willam Berger and thanks WFMU.

Unusual Music

The 1968 lineup of Tangerine Dream (the first MP3s you posted) was likely: Edgar Froese (guitar), Kurt Herkenberg (bass), Volker Hombach (violin, saxophone), Lanse Hapshash (drums) and Charly Prince (vocals). If there is any flute work that would be Steve Jolliffe, who later rejoined TD in 1978 for the "Cyclone" album. Froese didn't meet Klaus Schulze until 1969. He certainly knew Conrad Schnitzler earlier than that but every account I've read has Schnitzler joining TD in '69 as well, replacing Jolliffe.

michael marino

So glad to have found so many people interested in Richard's great show. Monday was my favorite day of the week back then and six to nine pm couldn't come fast enough. I was in my toll booth at exit 16w at the nj turnpike cranking my radio and blasting off to sound of synthetic plesure. To this day when fellow fmu dj's play electronic music i get a good old fashion rush. Thank you Richard Thank you synthetic pleasure and Thank you WFMU i love you man...


Michael Marino



Some Richard and Vanilla Bean tapes...updated as I discover them in my massive storage pile o crap.

andy K

Tangerine Dream are to play the Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles on Friday, November 7th 2008 at 8.00PM: Price: $48, $36, $24($15 UCLA students)

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