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February 22, 2006


John L

Oh, I thought Lou D'Antonio was somehow being tributed... (The duck abides...)


no... just the goose that i call a duck that i also call scott junior.


I belive this may also be the goose that inspired Dan Deacon's piece "Goose on the loose":

(quoting from http://www.dandeacon.com/music/music.html)
"The piece never had a title until I played it on WFMU and i figured it should have a title. There was (is?) a plastic goose in the live studio there and it placed facing out the window. It looked like it wanted to bust of there and go nuts in Jersey City. So when I started my set that night and I was scrabbeling for a title I again saw that goose and I knew it was meant to me."

The Duck

Irwin's comments, re: 'FMU in the early/ middle 70's refers to it as album - oriented, etc., etc. Tsk! Ahem! He seems to have had a lapse in memory. But his recounting of the era may be somewhat muddled by his advancing age and malfunctioning hippocampus. However, his description of what Free Form Radio is/ was: Vivaldi, Beatles, Rasaahn Roland Kirk, don marquis, childhood memories, etc., is pretty much on the old mark and describes something intensely familiar to this writer, so I'll forgive him if his molecular structure needed refitting while his mind was on vacation.

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