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March 21, 2006



I once wrote an article for my print 'zine about the connections between scientologist Charles Manson and Elvis Presley and kin, which featured a lot of skewering of the "religion." I was actually fearful to publish it, as I feared a backlash--from the Scientologists, not Elvis.


Cute songs (if only in cringe factor).

Johnny - Charles Manson wasn't a Scientologist.



Dan, the site you reference shows that Manson was indeed involved with Scientology for a significant time - 150 hours of auditing in the early 1960s. I've never heard anyone argue that Manson was a member of the Church of Scientology at the height of his infamy, but it's even less accurate to suggest that he had no involvement at all. And if you consider "membership" by the Church of Scientology's own standards, Manson would still be considered a member, since Scientology's own membership figures rely on past association, and anyone who has ever purchased Dianetics -- which is how they can 'plausibly' claim 6 million members worldwide, even while actual active membership is somewhere around 80-100k worldwide.

Rufus T Firefly

The word "Lucis" comes directly from the name Lucifer, and Alice Bailey was into Blavatology for those seeking apologetic ties to say Charles Manson not being a scientologist.

The OT 3 story known as the Xenu Story is excellent, as read out of the mouth of babes...words of wisdom...

South Park Rocks, and if bigotry is blamed on citing the advanced technology, or secret scientology Xenu 'scripture' then the response by scientology about 'bigotry' is really off key here...

What is the difference between calling an episode of South Park 'against a religion or bigotry' when the show exposes a bizarre form of inferiority...that someone has body thetans, or space aliens in the body, causing the trouble that only scientology can help you cure...after paying several hundred thousand dollars...?

Talk about implanting a form of bigotry...

cross the bridge to total brainwashing, into charlie mansons
world of the process called scientology dear readers, and jump into the abyss occult world of L Ron Hubbard as he possesses you with space aliens, declares himself the anti-christ and takes all your money.

The Scientology Connection:
Scientology played an important part in the lives of Charles Manson

scientology and the occult, Aleister Crowley

Other forms of possession in the days of Hitler were comprised of occultic teachings, and no doubt emulate why scientology has more than space aliens needing removal for superiority. scientology has ties to stormfront white nationalist community:

Stormtroopin' for Elron
link between the Stormfront White Nationalist Community forum at stormfront.org and what appears to be the web pages of past President of Scientology Germany Sepp Hasslberger

L Ron Hubbard subscribed to the Spotlight, IHR Money went to Scientology

Velvet Q-Ball

I'm not a scientologist, but for f***'s sake, leave them alone. it's a religious belief like every other. at least give people the dignity of being able to subscribe to whatever beliefs they want as long as they don't hurt anyone else.


Velvet - there are a few problems with your line of thought. First, Scientology's response to criticism -- Scientology's actual beliefs directly contravene what we recognize as free speech. They've managed to keep a lid on criticism through threats and intimidation for years. I personally don't care how kooky their beliefs are, but no religion's beliefs should be immune from criticism.

What's more, Scientology's pay-as-you-go business model necessitated intense secrecy as to its actual beliefs - and led to 'religious consumers' being baited and switched. If Scientology didn't have a religious cloak to obfuscate its actual intentions, it would be easily sued for a variety of unfair competition laws. Potential members deserve to know up front what they're in store for.

Also, Scientology's actual religiosity is of dubious origin. Hubbard originally sculpted Dianetics and Scientology as a response to psychiatry -- and sought its institutional approval. Only after wholesale rejection from the psychiatric community (and the FDA of the e-meter) did Hubbard seek to redefine Scientology as a religion--and plenty of documentation also leads to an inevitablely cynical inference that Hubbard sought the 501(c)(3) tax break (which eventually came in 1994 amidst Scientology trademark threats and intimidation, this time of IRS officials).

Scientology also has a problem with the legitimacy of its religion insofar as its texts are basically sealed and unalterable, and no interpretations can be written. Unlike the vast majority of religions we recognize as legitimate, whose subject matter encompasses entire fields of literature and commentary, Scientology is booby-trapped by its own words to remain intellectually stagnant. There is "Source" (Hubbard) and "Source" is unalterable. This paranoid mentality is exemplified by the Church of Scientology's treatment of "Freezone" Scientologists--people who consider themselves "Scientologists" but would rather remain so outside the financial structure of the "Church" proper.

We could argue over the semantic differences between the terms "cult" and "religion" all day and reasonably fail to agree -- I personally don't see a huge difference b/c I think religion is just a more sophisticated social control mechanism with the same general purpose -- but Scientology is a snug fit for most people's definition of a cult, with a single enlightened guru whose words cannot even be discussed amongst members.

And even then you can argue that 'hey, so what? as long as they keep to themselves, what's the problem? Let the buyer beware.' But what most people don't realize is that they have made tremendous headway through its front groups, whose innocuous sounding names (Narconon (see http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Narconon/), Citizens Commission on Human Rights (http://www.whyaretheydead.net/misc/essay_on_cchr.html)) allow Scientology to creep into or become the chief beneficiary of state legislation initiatives with scary frequency. Narconon was recently removed from the California public school system only after an investigative piece ran in the San Francisco Chronicle that showed how they were going from public school to public school, teaching kids Hubbard's theories of drug addiction, which are not grounded in science, but rather Hubbard's delusional and paranoid ramblings. In all of these visits, Narconon never disclosed (and even denied) its parent-subsidiary relationship to Scientology. Similar events regularly occur with their other front groups, e.g., Applied Scholastics (see http://studytech.org) and the aforementioned CCHR.


Also, Scientology is very dangerous. As tikk said, it's very secretive. When you join up, you have to sign a paper saying that you will never ever sue Scientology. You also have to sign a paper saying that Scientology can hold you, against your will, for any amount of time they deem necessary. This is because of an incident where a girl (Lisa McPherson) was held in isolation for 17 days, force fed, and abused until she died. This is all a method to cleanse the body. You should hear from someone who's actually been a Scientologist so go to this site: http://www.scientology-lies.com/whatswrong.html

Also I have an audio clip of Isaac Hayes on the Opie and Anthony show a couple weeks before he quit South Park saying that he was fine with the episode, and Matt and Trey make fun of everyone so you just have to laugh along. So obviously Scientology forced their will upon him. Any religion that does that is dangerous.


oh, and I really liked that song from the children's pageant I wish someone would perform it near here (NJ), it sounds like a lot of fun.

el tiki

scaaary shit!

Twilight of the False Gods

Um, I looked around for this stuff. If these mp3s come from the original cast recording, shouldn't they be credited to Les Freres Corbusier? Only cos the mp3s are credited to The Fabulous Entourage.

Really cute fun music though. I'd love to see the stage play.

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