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March 16, 2006


Dale Hazelton

LUIXY GOT HOSED! At least he didn't own up to writing "She's Out of My Life".


You should be Luixy Toledo in my magazine.
Review show in Madrid. Increible!!!

All song are very strong, stupid and crazy!!!




Luixy rocks.

The Glorious Lucifer

In fact, I'd swear Luixy said once on TV that he and Michael were together on Mars, but maybe I've just dreamed about it.


The Mp3 posted cannot be the same track that he sent to MJ in 1974, because of all the midi used to create it was not invented in 1974....either way, they're both crazy.


Luixy is great!!!!!

Marni Carlsson

did you know that Rod Temperton wrote "Thriller" and not Michael Jackson?


This is a hoax, people. The Luixy recording uses keyboard-derived "horns" and percussion sounds that weren't available in the 1970s. Obviously he recorded this "Exorcismo" song in the 1980s or later.

Also, there is no record of any "court" saying the songs' similarities are coincidental.

It's a hoax, everyone, and you've all been fooled.



Here you can see Luixy dancing. LOL


I think the "coincidental" court comment was in another case, not this. I don't think this ever went to court did it?

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