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March 06, 2006


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» Oscars und so from Zeitgeistaustreibung
Um hier mal dem nicht-politischen oder halb-politischen und eher künstlerischen Ansatz dieses Blogs gerecht zu werden, mal ein paar Zeilen zu den Oscars, nachdem ich beim WMFU-Blog eine sehr coole selbstegemachte Preisverleihung gefunden habe, die unter a [Read More]



"Munich" was a god awful propaganda piece meant to show Israeli hitmen as avenging angels while they kill unguarded diplomats.

The "eye of eye" cycle of violence that has sucked United States in has no realistic way to be resolved except for negotiation, acceptance of peoples rights and STOPPING OF VIOLENCE.

Bill W

I differ with you on the themes of "Munich" ... as would those who attacked Spielberg and Kushner for allegedly pushing an anti-Israeli agenda in the film.

Update: Add Celia Weston and Amy Adams to the list of supporting performers for "Junebug."


Agreed. The world does not need to hate Arabs more.


Some of these movies were interesting, but I have a hard time accepting them as top10 material. White Diamond is not even top10 Herzog. I read the book of Breakfast on Pluto when it came out, and you I'll be dead in my grave before I see a movie based on that sludge.

Bill W

Wait, who's gonna be dead in your grave, you or me?

Bill W

I also think it's very possible for TWD to be less than "top 10 Herzog" and also be the #3 film of last year.


Mathieu Amalric
best actor of the year, hands down! fantastic!


Amalric (for Kings and Queen, that is)
I didn't see Munich

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