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March 23, 2006



A five hour wfmu blackout? Jeez. If I don't go crazy first maybe I'll actually listen to some of my music library for a change - oh, no wait, I've got some downloaded podcasts waiting for me!

Good luck with the move. Anybody who's also in blackout in central Illinois, party at my house tonight. I rented The Omega Man.

Dale Hazelton

When did someone colorize "Metropolis"? Ted Turner I'll bet......

Chuck the Internet Janitor

I'll put money on the datacenter being Telehouse NYC at 25 Broadway. Those folks are creative, and I have run into guards and tech that do appear drunk.


The WFMU stream can be listened to during the blackout via AOL Radio.


Oops. Guess I was wrong about that.

Jeff T

Are they trash talking us internet listeners on the air right now? Anybody?

Station Manager Ken

Wow, two points to Chuck. Kevin - the colorized Metropolis came from Worth 1000, and Jim, I am amazed that AOL Radio works tonight. Or ever, for that matter.


Bas van Dam

Best of luck to Adam and Bill!
Their effort reads like a modern saga. Entering the Dark Realm of the Datacentre, Dodging the Drunk Guards, Wrestling the Cables, to Rescue the Server and thus saving the Pinnacle of our Global Virtual Radio Community.
I'm eagerly awaiting the Rebooting of the Frame that spreads of the Sound of WFMU.

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