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March 01, 2006


special tommy

you forgot all the youtube MIX-A-LOT

search for "big butts"


Right Said Fred hold a special place in my heart. I first heard I'm Too Sexy on my car radio during the Dr. Demento show - you could say he "broke" that song. It was in the middle of a snowstorm in the suburbs of Denver, and my friend and I were each in our boat-like beat-up 70s cars doing cookies in the parking lot of an abandoned strip mall (ie - slamming on the emergency break and forcing the car to spin in circles on the ice). When they started in on "do my little spin on the catwalk", we simultaneously stuck our heads out the window and screamed for joy. Anyway, I wish there was a video of that.

Sexy Boy

Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy.
I loose my virginity under this one.


There was a bavarian (german) cover version of I'm too sexy called "i bin zu sexy fur mei Frau"
performed by the bavarian actor/ comedien Ottfried Fischer .


Awww, I was talked about in an article? :)

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