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March 22, 2006


Hell's Donut House

The "inexplicable" woman in the clip is also seen in full in "Amy Sings" at Mr. Big Poppa E's site

Shammy Shamrocker

Not a bad poem, but the dude kept bagging on his American customers ( I'm sure he dealt with his share of assholes stateside, that's typical for call center work) but it does seem inappropriate to rip on any customers from the field you work in, regardless if they are yanks, habs or canucks. So yeah, they fired him, I guess Apple isn't as "progressive" and hip as some might think, it's a stuffed shirt just like any other stuffed shirt. And the dude seems perplexed by this. Get with the program, Bukowski, Junior!!

the good side of it all is he got to be on HBO doing his poetry, so he took it in the shorts from Apple, but he got decent pub from the experience

(by the way, I wanted to see more of that duo performing "Plush" by STP. That looked pretty f'n bad, as in so f'n bad it's good)

Jason Scott

As a side mention, he was also slagging customers quite directly and traceably, on his livejournal account. Singing about your customers like that may be funny, but combined with having a weblog posting about them, I think we're missing the full story.

von zeke

Wait, this guy was a CS rep for Apple in the US?
I thought all CS people were in India.
Totally agree with Shamrocker.
Ken, would you do anything if a FMU DJ started publicly slamming station supporters?

Station Manager Ken

"Ken, would you do anything if a FMU DJ started publicly slamming station supporters?"

Kenny G and Andy Breckman slam station supporters all the time. Sorry to confuse you, but I didnt mean to be taking a side on whether the guy should have been fired or not. I certainly would not have fired him for the poem and performance he included in the video, but I have no idea what kind of employee he was. Jason claims he was slagging Apple customers which *sounds* bad, but I haven't seen it myself so I have no opinion on that. -ken


I find it sad that companies can fire people for the stuff they say and do in their free time, but unfortunately that seems to happen a lot. Also, judging from the performances at this "talent show" in the video, they should rather have fired some other people, if they are seriously concerned about their public image. If he would have pulled a Dum Dum on the phone at work, it would have been different, but I am pretty sure he didn't.

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