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April 11, 2006



Gee whiz. That cheese comes from the same cows you're so worried about. Howard Lyman, who I agree knows what's what on this stuff, is vegan - not just down on BGH and cannibal cows. But even if you're fine with killing, I'm not sure how turkey's so much better than cow. If bird flu (the danger-to-humans of which is pretty directly related to raising birds for food) doesn't scare the shit out of you, it will be soon enough. (Excuse my rambling comment, but I'm a "crazy person" too.) Save the humans!

Krys O.

Yes, save the humans for rendering. We can be used for the gravy.


The trick is to not think about what you eat. The soundtrack to this comment is Reverend Horton Heat - Eat Steak. Hmmm, I don't have the MP3 here right now, sorry.

Murcury Vapor

Only 1% of cattle is tested for Mad Cow, just like only 5% of those big-ass containers are checked for possible terrorist booty. I am starting to agree with Dave Emory more and more: If the plan is to run the train off the tracks, we're off to a good start...


Mad Cow and trading partners as the enemy?? or our own Ag department as the industry enemy??
Johannas won't let Creekstone test 100% because he says it would be consistant within the industry for the benifit of exporting US Beef. Yet he let's each Country tell us how and what type of program is necessary to export to each country. Thus we have a very inconsistant program to export beef. Each country gets their own regulation??? What an idiot!!
Also he allows Japanese beef into our country while Japan doesn't allow ours into their country??????????????? What's he thinking???????


I recommend reading "Fast Food Nation" for more on this subject. Apparently he has some more books in the works on related topics.I no longer eat beef period unless it's organic, grass-fed beef. I also try to avoid eggs/chicken unless the chickens are grain-fed (they feed chickens dead chickens and their own fecal matter). It makes life tough when you aren't rich and you have a picky three-year old.

Masanobu Fukuoka

look at the big picture buddies


go vegan!!!!!!!!!!


Bovine Growth Hormone? Not anymore...the company behind this (it starts with "M") has already changed the name to hide any negative connections to "hormone" and get around more laws.

BGH may have been banned here in Canada, but not easily. Scientists working on the case had research stolen and 3 even ended up fired afterwards as corporate pressure came to bear on Health Canada.

This is only the tip of the iceberg as they genetically modify grain, and then claim royalties on the seed thereafter. They are purchasing grain companies (like Seminis Inc, last year) and are now the largest conventional seed company in the world.

So don't think you are going to be safe with 'grain fed' chickens or other foods. Just have a look on the net and you'll be amazed at what this multinational corp. is up to.


Another crazy thing our government has decided to do: remove labels from food. Foodmakers are complaining about how hard it is to put different labels on their food depending on the state it's going to (like how California finds cigarettes to be bad for you). So the decision from Congress wasn't to make a single, uniform set of labels based on the state labels. Instead they want to get rid of all state labels. It's passed in the House and is on its way to the Senate. Now if a state wants a label, they'll have to ask the feds to do it.

On the plus side, allergy labels will now be simpler and easier to read http://www.healthcentral.com/newsdetail/408/524635.html

discount pharmacy

make a single, uniform set of labels based on the state labels. Instead they want to get rid of all state labels.

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