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April 12, 2006


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» Wochenend Schriftrolle Ausgabe 15 from Cynx Cynical World
Sonderausgabe am Donnerstag, da am Freitag die Druckmaschinen auch Urlaub haben. - WFMU erinnert an das "War of the Worlds" Musical und stellt den Opener als MP3 (16MB!) online - Herein spazier! Das Getty zeigt ein Kuriositätenkabinet aus der Vergan [Read More]



Alan Partridge recommends it (go to this page and scroll to the last MP3 snippet offered there).

And with such a recommendation, one cannot go wrong.

Krys O.

Aieeeee! I own the vinyl and the CD of that! Growing up a rabid Moody Blues and H.G. Wells fan, I HAD to buy that at the local Korvettes. Ulla! (collapses in small heap by workdesk, sniffling and giggling)


Excellent mp3. That orchestral intro never fails to send shivers down my spine, a classic intro. I'm surprised it wasn't big in the US, as here in the UK it was pretty huge. And remember, the chances of anything coming from Mars ARE a million to one.


Last year, mashup/bootleg artist "Fettdog" created a two-part mashup of Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds."

It uses the same narration as Jeff Wayne's, but the music is all appropriately placed popular music (as the rockets launch, you hear Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls"). Other artists include Ride, Chris Isaak, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, and others).

You can still download the whole thing here.

Herman Mooney

Wow, this is incredible! Thanks so much.
Posts like this are what keeps me comning back to this blog, introducing me to stuff I had never heard of.

Dale Hazelton

Man, I have this vinyl, and never thought there was ANY current interest in the album. I was a Moodys fan and got it for that reason, but when they made the sloppily edited version of "Forever Autumn" for top 40, my interest began to dim. I thought Phil Lynott delivered a great vocal performance, certainly better than "The Boys are Back in Town", anyway. Julie Covington sounded hot, to my 19 year old ears and Richard Burton--he could read the instructions on a can of soup and you could sense the gravity in it all.

Tell me this couldn't be a Broadway play. The sense of calm, all Hell breaks loose, and just at it's bleakest, salvation is at hand. Great music to boot. Plus you get the laser beams. EVERYBODY loves laser beams!!

If you like this sort of thing, YOU MUST check out Mike Batt's "Tarot Suite" (http://www.tarotpassages.com/tarot_suite.htm and http://www.math.uni-magdeburg.de/~rooff/schizo.html#Biography). Doesn't quite bear up to repeated listening like WotW does, but Colin Blunstone's vocals on the ballad "Losing your way in the Rain" and Cris Speddings guitar work it make worth seeking out.


Yeah, my (English) Dad used to play this when I was a little kid. The "ulla!" part would reverberate around the house (at least it felt like it then) and I would go to bed scared shitless.

listener colin in Toronto

Thanks for dropping some Martian history on us, Megan!

I remember seeing this in record stores as a kid and being confused - was it a musical? was it a soundtrack? then a cool older kid in high school loaned it to me (along with cheap trick and the b-52s) and wow! I used to have it on an old tape that got lost ages ago, but last year it turned out to be a fave of my sisters boyfriend and he made a cd of the LP for me. Still holds up and love the "ULLA!"


My mother bought this album for my father, as a Christmas present, when it first came out. I was ten at the time. Dad had it cranking all day, while I was playing with my Star Wars toys. Ahh fond memories! When this album became available on CD, I bought it and made sure I bought one for my dad as well. I listen to it at least once a year. Oddly enough, it puts me in the holiday spirit! Thanks for the new info. Some new stuff to look forward to.


Last night (18th April 2006)... We all went to the The Royal Albert Hall in London.... Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds LIVE!! Justin Hayward, Herbie Flowers (bass), Chris Spedding (guitar), Russell Watson(Parson Nathaniel) & Chis Thomson as the Voice of Humanity....30 foot high fighting machine and all!!! The sound was outragious and visually spectactular!! If you were all thinking about going to this production.... think no more..... JUST GO!! TOTALLY FABULOUS!! I too grew up with this amazing production on vinyl (still got it as well)also have the Cd, but LIVE.... just a total blow-away!!

LUKEY from ozz


James Atkinson

Wow. I own this vinyl too...won it on a local AM radio call-in thingy back in the late '70s. I played it one time on my hot little hi-fi and it scared the shit out of me. Never played it again, though for reasons unknown and unknowable have toted it around with me for the intervening 25 years or so.

Guess I'll have to pull it out again and have a listen. Oops. Can't. Didn't also tote around that little hi-fi. Well, the cover art is interesting at least.


David Humphrey

Is there anywhere I can download a transcript of Richard Burton's narrative as journalist in War of the Worlds??


Thanks, I've been looking everywhere for Eve of the War on MP3!! :D


Thanks, I've been looking everywhere for Eve of the War on MP3!! :D


This album has been a constant in my life since childhood.
My friends love it, My beloved partner Pammy loves it.
My best friend bought us both tickets to see it live this year, it was without any doubt the greatest live spectacle I have ever seen.On a final note my best friend happens to be Fettdog whom jere mentioned earlier in this post, his mashup version is an awesome labour of love brought to fruition. His talents never fail to amaze me, Thank you for the tickets!!

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