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April 24, 2006



I'm here in St. Louis now, which gives me a better perspective on the New Jersey of my youth. I'd have to go with the Feelies and the rest of the Haledon axis as my biggest source of homestate pride. They actually told a reporter once that they can't stand going to NYC because going through the tunnel hurts their ears. How Jersey is that?

But I'd have to place xex up there as well. I knew of them when I was a teen growing up in Monroe, but never heard them. Now they sound like provincial Jersey kids trying to create futuristic, inadvertently quaint synthpop epics.

Spiral Jetty as well - two Jersey Shore kids and a drummer from Rochester transplanted to New Brunswick.


Honestly, though, I'm rarely as full of Jersey pride as when I see The Sopranos' opening montage. I've never seen a TV show get the Jersey milieu so...right. (Maybe Kevin Smith's early films, but the Sopranos offers the bonus of *plot*.)

The Contrarian

The Feelies and Spiral Jetty were my favorite bands growing up as a teenager in Union County (allegedly where we don't listen to music) in the 1980s. Robert Pollard as the professor and indie rock icon has nothing on Spiral Jetty's Adam Potkay, who was doin' it first in New Brunswick.

But as I watch the New Jersey Devils deliver an on-ice smackdown to the hated New York Rangers this week, one of my favorite NJ musical moments was the old ESPN commercial featuring Devils icon Ken Daneyko and the ESPN staff rocking out to Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" in their studios in Bristol, CT. After watching that segment back in 2004, I wanted to enlist in the NJ National Guard and invade a weakling state like Delaware just for the hell of it.

Buckeye Girl

Whereas I prefer the Misfits to either of those, it's simply because they didn't wear their NJ on their sleeve like Bruce or Jon that they don't get remembered. Jello wore SF and Minor Threat wore DC. The Misfits acted like they were from West Gothville via Punk City. Unless you hung out there - I remember going to some bar around Passaic in 1986 because some Misfits guy was rumored to hang out there.

Oh, and mitts off Good Charlotte. They are from Southern Maryland. Not that I'm proud of that or anything.


When my daughter was around the age of four she asked me to leave the "Bon Jovies" off of the pizza we were
ordering. After all these years I still think she had the right idea........


Durty Jerz


Debbie Harry (North Jersey) and Patti Smith (South Jersey).

The pairing shows something important about NJ: Debbie Harry was identified with New York, and Patti Smith, with Philly.

I once saw Debbie Harry's HS yearbook - I believe it was Hackensack High. And if I remember correctly, she was voted either "best looking girl" or one member of "best looking couple." I suspect that Patti Smith won no such award.

Maybe the ideal outcome of this discussion would be a yearbook of NJ music stars, using their original HS yearbook photos.


Anchovie sucks and Douchespringsteen is a raving liberal cucksucker. Actually, they're both raving liberal cucksuckers!

There's no way the 'fits can be topped by either of these two. Actually, the Misfits can't be topped by anyone!

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