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April 03, 2006


listener or something yea

Just DL'd this! Brill!! Wow, my favorite female folker I've heard. Beautiful too.


Perhaps she can pay back to taxpayers/society the money she took whilst 'living off benefits', from her royalties. And her voice was always dodgy anyway. ASnd as for the comparison with Joni....

rocco lacrazi

Raymondo - whoever you may be - what a miserly piece of shit you are......!!


Yes -love Shelaghs music-she has a great voice and writes beautiful songs! It is a shame she did nor produce more, though I hear she had material for a third album-never released. Maybe she will do a Vashti Bunyan or Judy Dyble and bring out some new albums. Ignore Raymondo he obviously has no heart or soul musically!


Shes my great aunt. and her music was most definitly not "Dodgy"

Den Elliott

I think i love Sheilagh's voice even more than Sandy Denny, and she's been my favorite female singer for over twenty years. And im not too proud a man to admit listening to Sheilaghs song 'City's Cry' actually just made me cry for the first time in years, so it must be magical :-) Much, much more beautiful voice than Joni Mitchell - haunting, timeless, pure as a mountain stream. Sheilagh is also the most strikingly beautiful woman i have ever laid eyes upon. She still looks beautiful at the age of sixty something. As i said - magical.

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