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April 12, 2006



I actually was there the other day. I was in the area, and I just had to make that trek to the old slab of gray concrete. It was dark out, as I turned the corner and saw it there in all it's glory. Just standing there, the only real change was a cheap rent-a-fence around the front parking lot. This is hollowed ground,so many bands have played there. They should resurrect it, just the way it was...black walls, garish yellow painted bathroom with graffitti all over it ("Vic Tayback Lives"...a personal fave..), cheap discarded couches in the back bar, 95 cent Heineken drafts..I'll never have the pleasure of seeing The Ramones there again, or The Rollins Band, The Dickies, Ween, Gwar, Suicidals..but maybe someone can capture that spirit again.


I remember seeing The Jesus Lizard there. The singer was absolutly shitfaced. Still managing to put on a show. Towards the end he pulled his pants down and mooned the crowd, really getting the cheeks apart. Funny as hell. This place has a very important part in my formative years. If any of you guys care. The Fugazi documentary "Instrument" has a film clip of people waiting in line outside City Gardens, chapter 16 I think. It was the August 17 or 18 show in 1993. My buddy Davis is in it smoking a cigarette and wearing a GWAR shirt, then my brother at the tender age of 16.

Dick Jerkaload

Rabblerabblerabblerabble punk rock! Bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz scene! Hominahominahomina unity!

Punk's dead...you will be too, one day.

And skinheads, particularly the skins from City Gardens, ride the short bus.

Rich Rancid

Oh shit! That's him dead center with the Mohawk; and running at the stage full bore! infamous owner of Punk Rock Records. Newark Pipeline sound engineer and impresario and "Phil Spector". Producer of NJ and Phila, PA punk. this couldn't have been a better picture stopped dead in it's tracks in time! Mr. Munch

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