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May 24, 2006


Dale Hazelton

Oops...I wrong. Triumph IS heralded above.

Pinball King

For good Canadian groups don't forget Simply Saucer! They alone make up for all the schlock. And may I remind you that Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell are Canadian? At least they were until they moved someplace warmer. Bent Wind, the Ugly Ducklings, the list just goes on and on...

Bruce. H

The thing I hate with Canadian radio today is that
they seem to have forgotten all the good Canadian
80's bands. I really like Toronto-Headpins-Chilliwack-
The Spoons-April Wine-Coney Hatch-Gowan-Loverboy-Aldo Nova-
Rush-Max Webster-Triumph-Saga-Gary o'-Harlequin-Eddie Schwartz-
The Box-Honeymoon Suite, Too many more to list.
I listen to Q107 here in Toronto and they played Toronto
in the 80's but if you call or email them today & ask them
to play a song from Toronto they say "That music does not
suit our format". All these guys are interested in is playing
all this psychedelic crap from bands that have been dead and
gone forever. (Q107 blows). I had some hope when 92.5
Jack fm came on the air because they were playing all
the bands I listed above, but then they did a format change
& now they suck too. Is there any radio stations that still
play these great 80's Canadian bands ?
By the way Holly Woods of the band Toronto Has a new cd out
entitled "Live It Up" that came out in 2007. It's a great cd
and it's good to know Holly is still touring.

Take care.

Bruce Hale

I just wanted to say that it's a real shame that Toronto area
radio stations don't play too many of the great 80's
Canadian bands. Bands like Toronto, the Headpins, the Spoons,
Aldo Nova, Gary O, Coney Hatch, & so many others.
I think Q107 here in Toronto should play all of the above
mentioned bands. But I guess they would rather play all the
old crap from the 60's & 70's. Not to say there weren't any
great songs in the 60's or 70's but I just think they should
play a balance of music and not forget the Canadian bands
from the 80's. By the way Holly Woods from the band Toronto,
has a new cd out entitled "Live It Up".
Check it out, it's a great cd from a super artist.

Take care & rock on.



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