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May 21, 2006


John from Oslo

A popular ditty indeed! And - the good people at has provided us with even more of these soundbits... Lookie here:

1) The "BBM Remix"!bak/v1/Loituma_-_Ievas_Polka_(BBM_Remix).mp3

2) The "Finskor På Syra (Finns on acid)!bak/v1/Loituma_-_Ievas_Polka_(Finskor_Paa_Syra).mp3

3) The ever annoying "Batman(swf)"!bak/v1/Loituma_-_Ievas_Polka_(Finskor_Paa_Syra).mp3

4) ...and the full mp3 version of "Batman(Chacarron)"!bak/Bacacha_-_Chacarron.mp3

eepilly dippilly eenjoy ; )

John from Oslo


3) The ever annoying "Batman(swf)"

snickering on inward breath quietly

Robert Simonds

Correction: It's "Ieva's Polka," not "Leva's Polka."

Nick the Bard

That version of Macarron Chacarron isn't the one in the Batman loop. The Batman one is actually by El Mudo.

loituma guest

Try this one...:)))

Loituma Hentai...


check out this version: Loituma by Starwars Darth Vader:


There's this Finnish Thrash Metal band called Korpiklaani who had a song called "Vakiraua" on one of Terrorizer's comp. cds (#28) which I can't stop listening to. It's like one of those catchy Finnish polka jigs, but with all the distortion and fast drums and one of the best choruses I've ever heard in a Metal song. And with an accordian widdly-diddly solo. It really does rock and so does Loituma.